On this date in:
1889 Montana became the 41st state.
1892 Former President Grover Cleveland beat incumbent Benjamin Harrison, becoming the only president to win non-consecutive terms in the White House.
1923 Adolf Hitler launched his first attempt to seize power with a failed coup in Munich, Germany.
1932 New York Gov. Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected president over incumbent Herbert Hoover.
1966 Ronald Reagan was elected governor of California.
1971 The album “Led Zeppelin IV,” which included the song “Stairway to Heaven,” was released.
1987 A bomb planted by the Irish Republican Army exploded as crowds gathered in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, for a ceremony honoring Britain’s war dead, killing 11 people.
1988 Vice President George H.W. Bush won the presidential election, beating Democrat Michael Dukakis.
1994 Republicans gained control of the House of Representatives for the first time in 40 years.
1997 Chinese engineers diverted the Yangtze River to make way for the Three Gorges Dam.
2000 A statewide recount of presidential election ballots began in Florida.
2004 Thousands of U.S. troops attacked strongholds of Sunni insurgents in Fallujah, Iraq.

Famous people who were also born on November 8th:

  • Parker Posey: 42
  • Bonnie Rait: 61
  • Courtney Thorne-Smith: 43
  • Bobby Bowden: 81  (YES!  i’ve always loved this one!)
  • Bram Stoker

i have an “On This Day In History” site on my favorites…i think one time i was thinking i could make up some silly holidays to do crafts with the kids about or something.  anyway, that stuff is interesting to me.

in other news…

  • i took the kids to target to get groceries.  a few days ago i was looking for stamps in my wallet and i found a target gift card with a baby design on the front.  “hmm…wonder how much is left on this thing.”  usually if i have a card in my wallet for a long time it’s because there’s like $4 left on it and i always forget about it.  i knew it had to be at least 5 months old because i haven’t gotten a baby gift since then.  anyway, i got up to the check-out and my total was $76.23.  i handed him the gift-card fully expecting to still owe at least $70.  WRONG.  the card had $75 on it!  thank you, SoFly girls!!  i had completely forgotten about it and it paid for our groceries.  awesome.
  • our church had a fall festival thing on saturday night.  at the sign-up table they had a cute basket full of apples and carmels.  there was a contest to see who could guess how many carmels there were.  we won, thanks to my father-in-law and ryan both giving me numbers as i was preparing to write (they said 275 and 250, so i guessed 232…there were actually 272).  the basket came with instructions on how to make carmel apples…hoping to try it sometime this week…maybe tomorrow.  i LOVE carmel apples and haven’t had one in forever…thinking we need to roll them in sprinkles or nuts or something…maybe i’ll post pictures.
  • i met (and exceeded) my charity:water goal, thanks to the generosity of many great friends and family.  i am so so so excited about seeing where this money goes.  (i still have like 70 days left, so if you want to give, DO IT NOW!!)
  • there have been times i’ve thought about giving up Facebook.  anyone who has it knows what an incredible time-waster it can be.  however, today was a day when i was so happy to have it.  it is so much fun to get so many birthday wishes from people from every time and place in my life.  i loved it!!

gotta hit the sack.  here’s hoping that maitland will give me one last gift: a full night’s sleep.


One Comment to “#32”


    OH ! How you have grown since that long night XX (secret info) years ago. Wish I could have given you a BIG HUG on your B-day.

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