i think zombies must look more rested than i.

  • harper’s not going to school today.  she got up around 4 AM and had a 103 temp.  no idea why or what else is wrong.  she says her throat hurts.  GREAT.  i am very glad she’s not going to school because it is pouring rain outside, however i am OVER the germs that are constantly creeping their way into this house.  i don’t want to resort to having to become one of those paranoid, addicted-to-hand-sanitizer moms (if you know me, you know that would be a ssttrreecchh).
  • got the estimate (the # that we’ll get a check for) from the insurance company on monday.  it was over twice what we were expecting.  i am begging ryan to let us just leave the scab on the side of the van and SPEND that fat check.  we’ll see what happens.  (new headboard?  gym membership?  stack of restaurant gift cards?  please babe???)
  • one night last week, harper was up all night with a stomach virus.  of course i hate for her to be sick, but i do love how snuggly she gets when she doesn’t feel well.  i slept on the couch just so that i’d be able to hear her if she was up running to the potty in the dark (which she did, 4 times, poor girl).  she wanted to lay with me for awhile after 2 of those potty trips.  while we were lying there, i was thinking that i never wanted to forget that moment…4 AM, house is quiet, just me and harper spooning on the couch.  her little hand on mine.  SUCH A PRIVELEGE.
  • my friend Tina is going on a FREE trip to san francisco this weekend.  she won a recipe contest on Foodbuzz and is being flown out there to attend a festival and do a demo for the recipe she submitted (which i had the privilege of trying and it is UH-mazing (pumpkin parfait).  we are all so proud of her (and i am SO jealous…san fran is one of my favorite places).
  • maitland hasn’t slept through the night since we were on vacation in august.  i’ve tried a few times to let him cry, but it hasn’t done the trick and i have perfected the skill of being in a semi-conscious state (basically asleep with my eyes open) so i’m lazy and just give in to nursing him.  i’d rather be up feeding him for 10 minutes as opposed to listening to him cry for an hour.  he just got 2 teeth in 2 weeks, but it looks like things in his mouth will be calm for awhile, so this week i decided it’s the end of the road for that waking-up business.  last night was night #2 and i think he only cried for like 20 minutes (monday night it was an hour or so).  i’m looking forward to not hearing him during the night anymore and i’m also looking forward to my milk supply understanding what’s going on.  i fed him at 6:30 this morning and he only ate on one side.  not to be graphic, but lets just say things are a little uneven right now.  i feel like i have a disability.
  • got a new blackberry and a new provider.  i now have internet on my phone.  it is a dangerous amazing new world.  🙂  the trackpad isn’t working right, so i actually have to go to the sprint place today to get it fixed or get a new phone or something.  i need to post pictures because it is ADORABLE.  purple.  i need to give it a name.
  • another note on maitland: he is very close to sitting on his own (he can do it on a soft surface).  his teeth are adorable. and he’s recently started being verbal…making jabbering noises.  all of this is fun to experience, but i can’t help but feel sad knowing he’s my last baby.  i want him to slow it down a little!


3 Comments to “i think zombies must look more rested than i.”

  1. I’ll be thinking of you as I’m up at nights….some have been as short as 4.5 hours…walking Zombie fits for me too.

  2. love this picture of the little guy…those little chubby fingers…it does go fast, even though some nights don’t feel that way!

  3. aww thanks for the shout out!! 🙂 LOVING that pic of Maitland!! I need to see him!!! I hardly recognize him he’s getting so big!!!!

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