i have dirty knees.


it’s after 11:00.  i’m watching an early episode of Friends.  mediocre.  i always thought it was really cute how ross was so in love with rachel, but MAN he is d e s p e r a t e.

i had a late soccer game tonight and i can never get to bed before midnight on these nights.  i’m always hungry when i get home so i eat and i hate going to bed right after i eat.  so, here i sit. 

[monica and phoebe are taking care of some mystery coma guy.  they’re fighting over him and they don’t even know his name.]

i should be working on my website.  i realized a few weeks ago that i hadn’t so much as touched my website in about 2 years.  i’ve had ALOT of sessions in the past two years, and even i’ll admit that i’ve gotten alot better.  so, i’m in the process of updating all my galleries and slideshows and whatever.  i feel sort-of like i did a few weeks ago when i got SOME of the my skinny clothes out and kept thinking “oh yay!  i forgot i had this!”  it’s been fun to start looking through my portfolio and pick out my favorites.

i also should be painting.  not right this second, but just lately.  i’m doing a craft show in april that i should start cranking things out for…and i figure anything i do for that i’ll do doubles or triples of and just sell it in my etsy shop for christmas or whatever.  i’ve just gotten to the point where i feel settled in the house (unpacked the last box last week) and we are sort-of in-between busy times (although thanksgiving looks like an express train coming this way) so i need to take advantage of my “art space” and get some paint in my fingernails.

my creativity last week was making harper a mermaid cosume.  it was sort-of last minute (i took all 3 kids to the fabric store at 5 pm on a weeknight.  what in the world was i thinking?), but it turned out cute.  i spent last thursday morning literally doing nothing but keeping the kids entertained any way i knew how (they have alot of toys in storage that they’d forgotten about so that was cool) and working on ariel’s tail.  we found the last yard of this really cool scaly-looking fabric…turned out cute.  i made it up as i went along using my sewing machine and some posterboard and spray adhesive (which i haven’t used in forever and i forgot how much i love it…i’ve been searching ever since for something else that needs sticking together.  here’s our family halloween shot:

you can’t see harper’s tail, but you can picture it.  or you could look at a back shot i posted on facebook.  i was so happy that the snow white costume from last year fit layne…it was a little big on the shoulders, but she still looked darling in it.  ryan and maitland were acting out a scene from “the hangover”.  if you’ve seen the movie, you know how hilarious this is.  i was so proud of him for wanting to dress up and for being kind enough to include his infant son in his creativity.  hehe.

it’s now almost midnight.  just turned off the TV.  i need to go shower.  (i played keeper tonight at soccer because our regular goalie wasn’t there.  i hardly moved the whole game because our defense was playing really well.  there were 2 minutes left and i thought, “hmmm…maybe i won’t shower until tomorrow morning.  i haven’t sweated one drop.”  about 40 seconds later someone shot the ball and i dove for it.  right into a dirt hole.  the ball rolled right by me and my dirty knees.)


One Comment to “i have dirty knees.”

  1. You are cute. So cute. And I want to go to your craft show. And I love the creative wind in your sails – go for it girl! Love you!

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