so…i’ve been thinking for a long time that a healthy happy life is all about balance.  some quick examples:

rest vs. being active  (laziness vs. not being able to relax)

living a life of spiritual discipline vs. our faith becoming a burden of ritual

as a full-time homemaker, i constantly struggle with this one:  maintaining my home (i.e. cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc) vs. spending time with my kids

pining for Heaven while still finding much joy in this life

being totally honest vs. hurting feelings or scaring your kids

the two Bible studies i’m in right now have both gotten me thinking about this.  especially the last chapter we read in “Raising Your Children Without Regret” by Catherine Hickem.  she talked quite a bit about how our job in parents is NOT to be our child’s friend.  it is NOT to make them happy.  it is our job to teach them respect and responsibilty and how to be a good steward of the life God has given them.  when comparing those thoughts to ones of our relationship with our Heavenly Father: i do believe that God wants us to have happiness, but i think mostly He just demands our worship.  He wants us to be holy so that we will bring honor to Him, and basically He doesn’t care if we have a good time doing it.  being a parent, i know that the Lord must love to see us happy, but i know that He even moreso likes to see us obey and brag about what an awesome Dad He is.

forgive me.  i’m thinking “on paper”.  a short glimpse into the endless chaos that is Katie’s Brain.


2 Comments to “balance”

  1. i love you (and your brain). miss you like crazy.

  2. Hey Mom!

    Proud to be your dad.

    Our God is an AWESOME GOD !

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