TV diet

new rule:  no TV after 8:00 for the month of July.  i’m not getting rid of it totally, just trying to watch less, and honestly, to see just how addicted i am.  i will definitely still be watching movies and a few other things with ryan (world cup finals), but i am anxious to see what i can get done/learn and how much extra sleep i can get (if any).  here’s how it’s gone so far…

Day 1: cleaned off the computer desk (something that’s been on my list for like 2 months).  put away laundry.  caught up on a few blogs.

Day 2: watched Alice in Wonderland.  it was…decent.  i don’t like watching movies where everything is computer-generated.

Day 3: i left the house around 8:15 PM to run some errands (bank, groceries).  ended up randomly going bathing suit shopping before i even got to the grocery store.  didn’t get home with the groceries until 10:45, but i sort-of enjoyed the trip.  definitely more productive (and somewhat more entertaining) than TV.

Day 4: BBQ at a friend’s house.  we didn’t get home and get the kids in bed until almost 10:00.  i was in bed at 10:15.

Day 5: we watched the last half of Office Space, but i was on the computer most of the time.  trying to get pictures organized for a slideshow for Layne’s birthday.

Day 6: put away clothes.  cleaned the kitchen.  caught up on some computer file “housekeeping”.  ryan called me into the other room to see some hilarious stuff on wipeout, but i was good and came right back to my work.



One Comment to “TV diet”

  1. sounds like this was july…wow, has your life changed a bunch since then or just location?

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