i’m realizing all over again why i love photography.

the screensaver on my laptop is a slideshow of pictures pulled from whatever folder(s) i specify. it’s a very simple, very old function and i’m sure many other people use the same one.  i have to say, though, that it is yet another reason i’m loving my laptop.  i feel like i have one of those digital frames that moves to various places in my house. 

anyway, back to the photography love.  i SO enjoy watching the slideshow because it is totally randomly picked.  i’m constantly saying to myself, “oh i remember that” or “aww…i forgot about that!” or “wow look how young harper is there.”  most of the images that pop up bring memories flooding back.

JUNE ’10


One Comment to “screensaver”

  1. don’t think I every get tired of having my memory jogged by pictures…think especially in todays culture, pictures (in hand or on a screen) allow us to reflect on where we’ve been & whose been on the journey with us. Guess in some form, allow us to consider…are we going where we really want to go. I love pictures!!

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