so, since i posted last night about the guilt vs. grace thing, i’ve been thinking more about it.  i feel like as a mother, i am constantly trying to find a balance.  i’ve realized in the past few years that i have alot of pride.  secret pride.  like, when i’m in the store with the baby and someone says, “oh what a beautiful baby!”, why is my first reaction to want to say “yes, and i have two more at home.” ?  why can’t i just find joy in the compliment instead of searching for more praise (or sympathy, ha!)?  it’s hard to figure out where the line is drawn between sinful pride and just feeling good about something you’ve accomplished.  i feel like all women are constantly faced with not knowing what to do with our bodies.  we work hard to get them to look their best, but then we’re supposed

JULY 2010


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