friday favorites

a few years ago i did an alphabetical favorites series of posts.  i’ve decided to revisit my favorite things, but do it through photography and do it every friday.

i’m hoping to post some pics of the new place (or things in the new place) next week, but for today…

jack-in-the-box.  it was mine when i was a kid and i found it in my grandma’s attic when we cleaned it out a few years ago.  the music and “popping” function only works some of the time, and i don’t even really like the way the clown looks (i took a picture of him and even hated that, so you won’t see him), so i’ve thought about filling it with rocks and glueing it shut to use it for a book-end or a doorstop.  every time i have this on my to-do list, i feel like the kids re-discover it and then i feel guilty about destroying it (even though they have another jack-in-the-box).  i just love love love the colors and the graphics on the outside and i love that it’s a tiny bit beat up.  and i love knowing that i played with it as a kid.


2 Comments to “friday favorites”

  1. Very cool. I say go for it! 🙂

  2. when we were helping move in & I was changing Maitlands diaper….Layne & Maitland were getting a kick out of it. Fun to know you had it as a kid!

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