hit and run

keep forgetting to write about this:

last thursday i was looking for a parking spot at the library.  i paused before turning into one and glanced into my rearview mirror just in time to see someone slowly backing into the rear door of my van.  i LAID on my horn, but to no avail.  i pulled into the spot i’d initially paused for, and started to get out of the car, when i realized that the other car was leaving the parking lot.  “no way!  she’s leaving!”  so, i followed her.  there was a burger king about an eighth of a mile away.  by the time we left the entrance of burger king, i’d figured out that an old woman was driving the car in front of me and that she had no idea she’d hit me.  i figured out the latter because she’d turned into the BK parking lot and driven right back out the exit…trying to lose me!  i have no idea why she was scared of a young-looking gal driving a gold mini-van, but she was.  so, i decided that it would be the wrong thing to do to get out of my car at the stoplight and knock on her window.  i decided to follow her and to call 911 (side note: the whole time this was going on, the girls were screaming at me about how they wanted to go back to storytime).  i have to admit, i of course was annoyed that she’d hit me, but i was sort-of excited that she was “running”.  she headed to her neighborhood where my chase was cut short by a neon orange arm traffic barrier.  a police officer met me there shortly, got the other driver to come back to where we were (the guard shack), and wrote his report and a ticket (for her…Elinor, it turned out).  it was true, she hadn’t realized she’d hit me, but i’m so glad i followed her because we’re thinking it’ll be like $400 to get the door fixed.  so pathetic, but this was the most exciting thing that’s happened to me in awhile.


5 Comments to “hit and run”

  1. Way to chase her down!! 🙂

  2. Luckily, a policeman intervened before you had to “tase” her, drag her from the car … to get your $400.

    You didn’t tell us – is she going to pay for the damage? Does your van back door still open? details, we need details…

    “Leaving the scene of an accident” – ouch! I remeber one of our family members getting that ticket (for hitting a mailbox) and our insurance premiums doubled.

    GO NOLES ………

  3. I was dying laughing reading this. I can’t even believe that happened – craziness! haha Props for chasing that lady down!! 🙂

  4. After all of that she let you take her picture? Incredible!

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