why didn’t i get glasses sooner?

this statement could work on so many levels.  i had no idea how unclearly i was seeing certain things until i got glasses 3 weeks ago.

we had sort-of a crazy day.  ryan is still not home from a golf tourney that started late this morning.  i left around 11:45 AM to pick up harper from school early so that we could pick up my sis-in-law and drive her to the FTL airport.  after we dropped her off, the kids and i headed to the museum of science and discovery.  we didn’t get home until just after 6:00.  it was a nice change of pace (especially after what the past few weeks have been like) and the museum was pretty cool, but we were all exhausted on the way home.  layne didn’t have a nap, but she did amazingly well and didn’t really even get an attitude until she was in the bathtub at 6:30.  she’s such a sweetie.  mr.dvd player saved the day (once again) by keeping two very tired girlies awake and quiet on the drive home.

things are slowly getting done around here.  i decided to repost this crazy list and cross some things off:

spray finish coat on stool i am sitting on(decided not to finish it because i don’t really like the color and i’m hoping it will wear a little bit), move the rug in maitland’s room so that it no longer works as an unintentional doorstopper, sand star for maitland’s room, paint star for maitland’s room, hang all my jewelry on the pegboard, hang full mirrors in our room and the girls’ room, hang chalkboard in the laundry room, books on the bookshelf (not sure if i’ll have the energy for that one since all they do is sit there), go for a run…like every day, figure out some way to make the hideous wooden wall look…not hideous, do the sinkful off dishes that have been there since this morning, put away the neglected-for-days folded laundry, paint our headboard black (this one is waaay down the list), sort through the humongous (?) pile of papers/cards/photos on my desk and put everything where it should go, clean the bathrooms, post an interview on the SoFly blog, empty the recycle box into the recylcle bins and pray that they don’t fill up because i forgot to put the bins out this morning, birthday/anniversary cards, hang whiteboard above my desk, hang antique sign in maitland’s room, make/mail CD’s for girlfriends session, edit/blog/CD for hadleigh’s first birthday shoot, design/order/send out some type of holiday/change of address/maitland announcement card, read for tuesday morning book study group (Raising Your Children With No Regrets by Catherine Hickem), read for tuesday night book study group (Crazy Love by Francis Chan…so excited about this one…and, oops, actually i still have to go buy this book), pictures of the new place for all the facebookers who’ve asked to see some, print out a 5×7 for aimee honse

darn.  i was hoping it would look better than that.  better go read for my day of Bible study tomorrow.  love it!


2 Comments to “why didn’t i get glasses sooner?”

  1. Poppy wonders ???

    With a significant list of uncompleted projects and three small kids, why are you in two different “book study groups”? Benefit at what you do, rather than just doing.

    Sorry, I tried to resist; but … Once a dad always a dad!


  2. Love your blogs lately. So stream-of-consciousness about what’s in your head these days. NEED some pics of your new place. Thanks for the reminder to grab MY new glasses as I’m blogging and typing. LOVE YOU!

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