come thou fount of many blessings

is it sacreligious to use that title if i’m referring to my rental house and not God?  if it is, Lord, i am so sorry, but you know how much i’m enjoying this new place.

yes, folks, the condo is history.  we’ve been out of there for 2 weeks, but i’ve yet to’ve made the announcement here (right?  i’m too lazy to read my past few posts…).  this is the reason for the neglected blog.  SOOOOOOOO many many many things to get done.  here are a few that are weighing on me right now:

(try to hear me saying this like the guy who used to be on the micro machines commercials…it’s a long list)

spray finish coat on stool i am sitting on, move the rug in maitland’s room so that it no longer works as an unintentional doorstopper, sand star for maitland’s room, paint star for maitland’s room, hang all my jewelry on the pegboard, hang full mirrors in our room and the girls’ room, hang chalkboard in the laundry room, books on the bookshelf (not sure if i’ll have the energy for that one since all they do is sit there), go for a run…like every day, figure out some way to make the hideous wooden wall look…not hideous, do the sinkful off dishes that have been there since this morning, put away the neglected-for-days folded laundry, paint our headboard black (this one is waaay down the list), sort through the humongous (?) pile of papers/cards/photos on my desk and put everything where it should go, clean the bathrooms, post an interview on the SoFly blog, empty the recycle box into the recylcle bins and pray that they don’t fill up because i forgot to put the bins out this morning, birthday/anniversary cards, hang whiteboard above my desk, hang antique sign in maitland’s room, make/mail CD’s for girlfriends session, edit/blog/CD for hadleigh’s first birthday shoot, design/order/send out some type of holiday/change of address/maitland announcement card, read for tuesday morning book study group (Raising Your Children With No Regrets by Catherine Hickem), read for tuesday night book study group (Crazy Love by Francis Chan…so excited abou this one…and, oops, actually i still have to go buy this book), pictures of the new place for all the facebookers who’ve asked to see some, print out a 5×7 for aimee honse


i feel better now.  my friend jenny told me that’s called a brain dump.  exactly what it feels like.  if you are anything like me, you lie in bed in the dark with things like these going through your head and you can’t sleep.  so maybe now i’ll be able to fall asleep a little quicker.  however, i do get up with maitland around 5 AM and while i’m nursing him i’m sure i’ll be coming up with a whole other list.

on a lighter note, here are a few of the “many blessings” i mentioned in the title of this post (some big, some small):

  • to and from the car is an absolute BREEZE
  • the fridge has a freezer shelf which i didn’t have before, see through drawers, and huge space in the door.
  • the washer is huge compared to my previous stackable.  the dryer has an end-cycle signal.  so exciting.
  • the girls love their new room/new beds.
  • we now (FINALLY) have a queen-sized bed (after 8 years of marriage with a full)
  • storage room.  nuff said.
  • rediscovering some things i have that i’d forgotten about.
  • YARD.
  • we’re a good 7 minutes closer to harper’s school.

i’d like to say it won’t be another week before my next post, but…well, you saw the list.


3 Comments to “come thou fount of many blessings”

  1. I can’t wait to see your new place!!!! I’m so glad you love it!

  2. Yay for the new place. I bet when you add in the time you save getting to the car, you are a LOT closer to Harper’s school! 🙂

  3. So happy for you friend…and what more double bed??? 🙂

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