7:12 AM

i should probably be waking up the girls right now, but i just wanted to check in quickly.

so, we are moving this week.  literally.  every time ryan or i goes over to the new place we take a box or two or a basket of toys or a metal star from the wall (harper was upset by that one and promptly told me that the wall wasn’t pretty anymore).  our current house is a WRECK and i’ve given up on trying to have it not be.  i’m keeping it clean (wiping the counters, sweeping the floors), but not neat.  reinforcements arrive on thursday night so starting friday morning we should be getting quite a bit done.  hoping that by monday i’ll be almost unpacked and that by the end of next week i’ll be somewhat organized. 

the whole concept of the girls living in a HOUSE for the first time is cool.  yesterday evening i did a little painting and ryan met us over there and brought pizza.  we had a picnic on a dropcloth.  i was so annoyed i didn’t have my camera because it was one of those moments when i thought, “i want this image burned on my brain.”  super special family picture.  anyway, as we were leaving, harper ran out to the mailbox, opened it and said, “no mail today!”  i was thinking how exciting that must be for her….for her entire life we’ve gotten our mail out of a little silver hole with a door.

this whole process is very exciting to me (i swear i have a huge smile on my face every time i’m packing a box), so i’m not in a rush to have it overwith, but there are alot of things that i’m looking forward to in the next 6 months or so, so i won’t mind when the moving in part is done:

  • starting up tuesday night Bible study again with some of my favorite women (and we’re reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan, which is a book i’ve been dying to get through)
  • assisting my talented friend Kat Braman at several weddings
  • shooting one of my own next month
  • cooler weather (which feels like it’s already started, although i’m sure i’m being deceived somehow)
  • Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas (we’ll get to have lights outside this year!)
  • Harper learning to read…i’m expecting to see her doing some probably before Christmas…she is flying through everything she’s being taught right now
  • so so so excited to start painting for the Homespun Chic Marketplace i’m participating in in April.  it’s always been a dream of mine to take part in a “craft fair/art show”, and this one seems like it’ll be really good.  i have big plans and in the new house i have an actual workspace.  SO STOKED to get some things on canvas.  (if you want to see some of my past works, you can go to my other blog, scroll to the bottom and click on “paintings”.)  several of my friends who have Etsy shops are doing it too, so that makes it extra fun and exciting.
  • watching Maitland learn to sit up and crawl….okay let’s be honest: i’m only excited about the sitting up part.  he can stay on his bottom for 6 months for all i care.  haha

it’s now 7:30 and my girls really need to be up!  gotta run.

the new place


9 Comments to “7:12 AM”

  1. Yay for a house!!! And for you coming to Homespun Chic Marketplace this year!!!!

  2. Thursday night? How about noon Thursday!

  3. So excited for you!!! Where is this new place?? Windermere, perhaps? 😉

  4. so excited that you all will be doing the Winter Park Farmers Market….I can start spreading the word now….have lots of friends who would be interested!!!

  5. So happy for you friend! It’s been a long time coming for you- so excited!

  6. I can’t wait to see the house, and I am so excited you guys are finally out of your condo! Congrats friend!!!

  7. Good for you guys. Congrats!!! I must ask…. you WAKE your kids up- if they are not already awake???

    And- I have been staring at this pic- is this the front of your house- I dont see a a door??? LOL
    Enjoy!! Praying for quick unpacking for you. = )

    • jen, yes i do wake them up usually if they’re not up by like 7:30. i’ve found that keeping a consisten wake pattern for them helps alot with naptimes and bedtimes.
      as far as the door, it’s on the side. so strange.

  8. Katie I am inspired for you. That would mean that I would have to purposely wake up before them. I am a morning person and have always risen early but after having 2 babies- and one of them being Mason…lol…. I sleep until one of them wakes me up- which is usually 7 30 or 8 on a good day but still- that seems early when I hear his little screech.
    It makes sense though- I’ll let you know if I get brave enough to try it.

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