hate to admit.

  • sometimes i tell someone i’ll pray for them (or i AM praying for them) and i forget and don’t.  or even worse, i just don’t pray period.  the Lord is working on me about this.
  • i don’t make harper wear underwear to bed.  is that wierd?  i don’t sleep with underwear, so when i was potty-training her, i always told her she didn’t need panties at night.
  • i am super judgemental sometimes.  i do my grocery shopping on saturday nights and i’ve had some pretty mean thoughts about people that i see in there (especially people with kids).
  • i haven’t cleaned my bathroom in at least 3 weeks.
  • i surprise myself sometimes when it comes to the level of my competitive nature.  i get a tiny thrill out of dumb things like: paying less for something than someone else i know bought the same thing for more, having more kids than someone else (no lie), running longer than someone else on the treadmill at the gym (especially if they’re right next to me).
  • i get really excited when i get alot of hits on my blog (that’s why i “advertise” on FB sometimes).  get even more excited when people comment.  validation or vanity?
  • the pants i’m wearing have dried snot on them (not mine).  it’s about 10 hours old.  i forgot about it until just now and now i am totally grossed out.
  • sometimes in the middle of the night, when i’m awakened out of a deep sleep by the baby, i forget which baby he actually is.  i’ve definitely called him by both of his sisters’ names at least once.
  • i’m a little bit sad to see layne go to bed without her binky.  she looks too grown up.

7 Comments to “hate to admit.”

  1. as far as the the underwear thing- same at our house- so maybe we are both weird or it’s perfectly acceptable. either way who cares
    I wish I could go 3 weeks without cleaning the bathroom- Mia is constantly peeing in/on stuff- so every other time I walk in the bathroom I bleach it so it doesnt smell like the urine trail she leaves behind- uugghhh!
    I think most people are judgemental- even if they don’t verbalize it. I know i sure am. Even if it’s not coming out of my mouth I just dont know how to keep it out of my brain. Glad I am not alone.
    My clothes have bleach stains- probably because I clean with it and also because my husband washes laundry- oh well. Atleast snot comes off- Bleach is forever- : (
    I sometimes forget to pray for someone- but have since made it almost a requirement that if I say it I better just take the time to do it- AT that moment- or else….
    You should hop on the treadmill next to me- I will make you feel like a marathon runner- ROFL-
    And I probably like talking as much as you like getting “hits” on the blog- so I would say that’s a good match! LOL
    I love your inventive posts- you come up with such a variety. Thanks

  2. my mom was the same way on the underwear thing. i think it’s TOTALLY acceptable! 🙂

  3. you always have the greatest posts. i have been a blog slacker as of late.

  4. Since you told me that you don’t make Harper wear underwear to bed… I have stopped putting Trey’s on under his pants/shorts or he just wears boxer briefs. I didn’t see the need for all the layers :0) Love reading your blog! I feel like its a way of communication for all the stuff we can’t say when we are together because of the little people that require our attention.

  5. wow, we’re way too similar. it’s kinda scary. it’s only been about a week and half since I cleaned my bathrooms (looks like a lot more though) but it was at least 3 weeks before that. other than that, we’re pretty much the same. except that i haven’t got the guts up yet to take luke’s paci away… that’s just a scary thought!

  6. I have to admit that I can agree with most of your statements.
    Here is one thing that I have done with the “I’ll pray for you” thing. Say I tell someone that online or something….I will stop right then and say a prayer for them. That way I really did pray for them. Hopefully I remember to do it again and more but if not, at least I did pray for them once like I said. This doesn’t always work–like if you are talking to them and say you’ll prayer for them…I mean you could stop right there and pray with them but I don’t.

  7. The no underwear was the same for me growing..My mom said that my “Bfronts” needed to breath…I also used to babysit two girls who didn’t wear underwear to bed and would sit on the couch and it would totally gross me out…So maybe forewarn the baby sitter when that time comes..

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