•something i accomplished today: movie theater with all 3 kids by myself (and the seat-saving assistance of alyssa)
•something i screwed up today: there is a huge pile of laundry in a chair that’s been waiting to be folded since yesterday morning. still sitting there.
•something fun i did with the kids: aforementioned movie theatre (free veggie tales); fountain fun; and some swimming with aunt erin after layne’s nap. it was layne’s first movie! she did great…loved it.
•something funny or cute one of my kids did or said: layne is so adorable when she pretends to be buzz lightyear…can’t quite get it out when she tries to say “to infiinity and beyond!” it comes out more like a series of mumbles followed by “YOND!”
•something yummy i ate today: i randomly bought starburst at target…hadn’t had those in forever.
•something i read today: i just read a whole bunch of blogs.
•a tv show or movie i watched today: ryan and i have been watching “carrier”. if you have yet to see this movie, you should do so soon. it is 10 hours, but it is excellent.
•something i did today that i hardly ever do: never done it, actually. a ZUMBA class…so fun. so…latin. i felt very non-latin. 🙂 can’t wait to go again next week!
•something i did today that i do every day: OJ.
•something i am thankful for right now: this laptop (i’m sitting in bed next to ryan while he reads) and a sleeping baby close by.


One Comment to “zumba!”

  1. Glad you liked Zumba! 🙂

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