have you ever…

question-mark1dried your hair with the car air-conditioner?

made dinner while nursing a baby (and almost gotten their baby foot too close to a hot pot)?

gone to the gym for the sole reason that it gives you a break from your kids?

worn a shirt all day that had spit-up on it and not noticed until you took it off?

left your wallet on the counter at the checkout at wal-mart after you paid for your stuff?

realized 10 minutes before your husband came home from work that you’d never brushed your teeth that morning?

literally used spit and elbow grease to clean up a sticky spot on the floor because you were too lazy to grab the floor cleaner?

worn a skirt to church that comes up to your rib cage because it’s too small (and liked it because it made your stomach look a little flatter)?

me neither.  just asking.


4 Comments to “have you ever…”

  1. all of the above:)

  2. all of the above was from me

  3. hahah you crack me up… Yes to # 1… and I’m sure after i have kiddos I will be able to answer yes to the rest too 🙂

    Ps- Wearing skirts up to your ribcage is totally in style right now… so don’t feel bad about that one hehe

  4. Yep – Everything but the Wal-Mart one. But I did leave my wallet in the car after the cashier rang everything up and I had to literally sprint to go get it. With a baby. Yep.

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