sometimes i get audio books for harper at the library.  she likes to listen to them during her rest time in the afternoon (rest time is code for: “get-away-from-mommy-for-an-hour” time).  when i was getting ready to drive to orlando to get the girls the other night, i saw “on the banks of plum creek” sitting on the dresser.  i grabbed it and decided i would listen to it on my way up…something other than the radio or my un-synched iPod.  the “Little House” books were some of my favorites growing up and it has been so fun to enjoy them all over again with harper (even before she can read!).  anyway, i think i got through 4 of the CD’s on my way up.  i was riveted.  one of the things that stuck in my mind after i got out of the car…and even until today, 2 days later was this:  anytime Wilder gives a description of the creek, she says that it was “always changing, but always the same”. 

i love that.

i started thinking about how many areas that little phrase can apply to.  that is life for most of us:  “always changing, but always the same”.  spent time yesterday with some dear friends and i was just thinking about all that’s changed during the 6 years that we have been making special efforts to see one another…marriages, new jobs, babies, degrees, more babies, big moves, haircuts, etc, etc.  and yet, through all that, our friendships are the same.  never awkward, never really strained.  always, ALWAYS a blessing.

i feel that way about my marriage, too.  sometimes i take a step back and think, “is it really possible that this is my life?”  i have 3 kids and loads of happiness with this man, the boy that i started loving so many years ago.  i know it sounds corny and simple, but it’s true.  when we got our van, i felt like a total nerd for the first few days driving it around.  but then i thought to myself, “what if someone had told me in college that i would be driving a mini-van full of OUR 3 kids?!  i would’ve passed out from pure glee.”

every generation of kids has about 3 memorable fads (i.e. Silly Bands).  “always changing, but always the same.”

my dad’s cousin Cliff died last week.  he’d very recently been diagnosed with advanced brain cancer, but the doctors thought he’d have a least a few months left to live.  the morning after he died, i woke up and thought about his sweet wife.  i thought about what it must be like to wake up on that first day when your spouse is gone.  i can’t imagine.  but i guess, that life really is just like the creek…”always changing, but always the same”.  even when the love of your life is no longer on this earth, you still wake up, you still eat, you still (try to) sleep, babies are still born, eventually you laugh again (especially thinking about someone as funny as Cliff).  i think i’ve talked about Steel Magnolias before…pretty much my favorite movie.  i love the very last scene when Malynn (played by Sally Field), the previously grief-stricken mother, is pushing her grandson in a swing and says so simply: “Life goes on.”

this post has taken a turn that i didn’t intend, but i don’t think that matters.

the most prevalent theme in my thinking the past few days was about our God.  He is the only thing that NEVER changes.  it is almost unfathomable to me.  but i like it.  i’m incredibly thankful for it.  that’s really all there is to say about that.


3 Comments to “life.”

  1. love this. and love you!

  2. I teared up reading this. Thanks Katie.

  3. enjoyed your thoughts

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