7:53 AM

i’m thinking i want to organize my blog a little better…kind of like my friend bekah has done…each day has a specific post assignment. i’ve been thinking about doing it for quite a while, but it seems to be working really well for her, so i’m inspired to make it work for me as well.  i need to think about what i’d like each day to be…

in the meantime, a little about what’s been going on:

we were in orlando this past weekend for layne’s birthday party and also for the 30th birthday festivities of a good friend of ours.  it was a great relaxed time with friends and family.

the girls stayed in orlando at my in-laws’ house.  this is day 3 without them.  i leave tomorrow evening to drive back up, spend the night, and drive back with them on friday night.  we will spend the day on friday with my chanda girls at my friend cathleen’s house.  our friends casey and sarah are on a 2 month visit to the States from their new home in south africa.  i am so excited to spend a few hours with them and hear about their new life.

we had an offer come in on our house. it was super low and it’ll take around a month for the bank for even look at the paperwork, but it’s a start. the ball is rolling, if ever so slowly. one part of the offer being made is that we won’t show the house again until the bank rejects the current offer.  nice to know…it is OH SO stressful to get this house ready for a showing with 3 little bodies running/laying/sitting around.  i have to practically chain the girls to the couch in order to pick up messes and keep them picked up.  even though moving out may still be months away, i’ve been inspired to get rid of some things and get things better organized/stored…mostly the kids’ clothes (too big, too small, winter stuff) and toys (i have a bunch of toys that i keep in the closet and i switch them out with the toys in the girls’ room every now and then…also have some things that i only get out at certain times like the little people or the puppets).  hoping to get that done today…i’ll run to wal-mart and get a bunch of plastic bins (i’ve been on a kick with those things lately).  maybe i’ll post an “after” picture.

i saw a preview for “eat pray love” the other day on pandora.  i want to see the movie, but i really would like to read the book first.  i went to the library yesterday to get it and they didn’t have it on the shelf.  i still have a few weeks, so i’m hoping it’ll be there next time i look.  i’ll try to remember to post a review of both the book and the movie.  has anyone read the book???

maitland is sound asleep so i need to get off my butt and get some things done.



One Comment to “7:53 AM”

  1. I think Kasey is reading it/read it/has it. I will check with her and she’s done with it maybe you can borrow it. 🙂

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