happy birthday, laynie loo!

 i ran some errands tonight and on my way i got stopped at a train.  as i was sitting there counting the cars (haven’t done that in forever), it hit me that this was a metaphor of life as a parent.  each car represents a day.  some are empty flatbeds, some contain one trailer, some are burdened with two stacked on top of one another (at least for me, i know there are some days with my kids that are very forgettable and then others are filled with hours of things i hope i never forget) and they are speeding by, practically unstoppable. it made me sad how difficult it was when i tried really hard to study each car carefully, see how it distinguished itself from the rest.  made me sad because i hate that there are so so many days with my kids that i will have no memory of. 

i am feeling inspired to be more proactive about recording the in’s and out’s of these days as a “young family”.  here’s our sweet birthday girl in her carseat on the way to dinner tonight.

it is killing me that she won’t be this cute forever…she’s eventually going to be…gulp…beautiful.  i’m already having a very hard time remembering harper when she was this age, and that was only 2 years ago!  God bless the man who invented the video camera.  i would be so sad if i knew i’d never be able to hear that little voice or watch her little naked dances again when she grew up.

our sweet layne is TWO YEARS OLD today!  i feel like i’ve grown as much inside as she has on the outside over the course of the past two years.  transition is definitely a word that comes to mind as i think back.  loo has gone from a restless, fussy infant (which i think now was probably due to something in my diet that i never tried to change) to an incredibly sweet, shy, JOYFUL little person.  she is so special!  i feel so privileged to call her mine and so blessed to be the one who teaches her (or tries to).  i know that sounds cliche’, but i can’t think of any other way to say it.  SHE IS A GIFT FROM GOD!

here are some things i hope i never forget about my second-born on her second birthday:

  • she copies EVERYthing her big sister says and does.  because of this, she has a very extensive vocabulary (although alot of it is indistinguishable sometimes), she can identify every disney princess, and she knows how to pretend she’s playing a part in “the nutcracker” or “little house on the prairie”.  she can also identify a great deal of songs after the first few notes thanks to our disney station on pandora.
  • she is shy…sometimes seems rude because she looks at the ground or in the other direction when people are talking to her.
  • she is extremely loving and affectionate…has been as long as she’s been able.
  • she likes things that “go” more than any other little girl i’ve ever been around.  she really enjoys playing with trucks and things…she and maitland will hopefully have fun doing this together when he’s older.
  • she is a hilarious dancer.  i really need to post a video.
  • i said before that she has a super vocabulary…it’s true, and sometimes it’s awkward.  i hate knowing that she knows i can’t understand what she’s saying.  she figured out just this week that she can say, “i’ll show ya.” when i don’t know what she’s talking about.  poor kid.
  • i cut a hole in her pacifier about a week ago, hoping that she wouldn’t want it anymore.  she still does.  every day i’ve been stretching the hole and making it a little bigger.  she points to it all the time and says, “hole.  broken.”  i say, “yeah, it’s broken…let’s throw it in the trash.”  she gets ticked and says “NO!”  i’m giving her another week and then it’s going to the dump.
  • she can swim!!  a few weeks ago she practically taught herself and she can’t get enough.  now she dives in!  i’ve never been more proud.  (if you’re on Facebook and haven’t seen the video, you need to watch it!)

there are so many other things i could write, but i could never do justice to just how cool and sweet and adorable she is.  so, i’m done.

happy birthday, sweet girl!  i thank God for you every day!


3 Comments to “happy birthday, laynie loo!”

  1. What a great post about your sweet girl. I still remember meeting her in the hospital. The picture of Harper, Layne and me on L’s birthday must have been the first one taken on my iPhone…every time I sync my phone that picture pops up first in iPhoto. I love it. 🙂

    Can’t wait to celebrate your sweet girl on Sunday!

  2. I’m crying, thanks a lot! 🙂 just kidding but I loved the train analogy. At moms house Justin has been watching movies when he was this little and it really did hit me how little you remember those days when you are going through these days. I truly feel blessed though Katie because we are both extremely blessed to be stay at home moms. It’s so hard so often but we have the opportunity to stock pile our memory banks with so many fun memories. I love you and I am incredibly impressed with the strong and loving mother of THREE that you are!!!!

  3. Awww… Sweet little Laynie! Hate to break it to you Katie, but that little one is already GORGEOUS! 🙂

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