i wish.

  • i wish celery tasted like twinkies.
  • i wish anything we bought online was free.
  • i wish i had a painting/craft/office room.
  • i wish i had time to paint/craft/office.
  • i wish layne could be one for another year. (she turns 2 tomorrow!)
  • i wish that roaches and rats really knew how to clean like they do in Enchanted.  i would totally let them stay in my house and feed them all the time if they’d clean the bathrooms for me.  (what?  i’d keep them in cages.)
  • sometimes i wish FB was “real”.  like one big actual conversation where you could hear people’s voices and see their facial expressions as they left comments or updated their statuses.
  • i wish i had been more of a servant to my husband before we had kids.
  • i wish i could wake up tomorrow and be in Hawaii.

4 Comments to “i wish.”

  1. Can we go with you guys to Hawaii ???

  2. I wish celery tasted like swiss cake rolls…sigh..

  3. I wish you were my neighbor

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