harper is hilarious

some harper stories that i don’t want to forget and keep meaning to post:

  • the other night as she was carrying her plate to the sink, she said again and again in perfect tone: “focus, harper, focus.”
  • a few months back, my sister-in-law erin was here.  she asked me if i’d ever thought about what harper would do if something ever happened to me at home, like if i were to pass out of have a siezure or something.  i said i had thought about that, but i had never had that conversation with harper.  so, we asked her what she would do.  she had no idea.  after i explained several times what her course of action should be, i guess she assumed that i would be…dead, or something, because she said, “and then would i have to cook and clean forever?”
  • we’re cleaning up a huge play-doh mess…most of it due to her furiously scraping the top off a mountain or something she was making.  while she was doing the scraping, i had told her probably 4 times to stop because she was obviously making a huge mess.  so, she’s helping me clean up and i said, “this is probably the biggest play-doh mess we’ve ever made.”  she said, “yeah, it’s big.”  i said, “harper, alot of this mess is because you disobeyed mommy and kept scraping your mountain.”  she said (her exact words, i swear), “MOM, i was trying to make it look cool.  i told you that like 6 times.”

5 Comments to “harper is hilarious”

  1. So funny that second one may be laugh out LOUD!!

  2. 🙂 third one is the one that really got me, haha!

  3. you forgot the story about how Harper was talking about how she would like to cook butterflys and how they would taste like bacon…..thats just weird.

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