my first year out of college i taught at a christian school in hollywood (FL, not CA).  i taught a potpourri of classes, a few of them being English.  i have always loved English…used to diagram sentences for fun (NO LIE).  at the beginning of that year i was trying to figure out ways to get the students to be more creative in their writings so i bought this little book called “The Writer’s Block”.  it was full of like a hundred ideas for things one could write about.

wordpress started a new site that is something like this.  it’s called Plinky Prompts.  i am so excited.  there are many days when i’m in the mood to write, but just don’t feel that i have anything worth saying at the time.  anyway this happens now, i’ll be paying Plinky a visit.  this was a prompt from a few days ago: 

“10 Years From Now, What Do You Hope Your Life Will Be Like?”

 i hope that i will be living in the Lord’s will for my life, that my marriage is still solid and happy, and that my kids are still a joy to be around (and that the middle school girls are as drama-free as possible).  i hope that we will be involved in church and that my kids have a hunger for the things of God.  i hope that we are all healthy and that we have a great time playing sports and doing things as a family.  i hope that i am better at alot of things (cooking, photography, discipline, my quiet time, getting up in the morning).  i hope all of our parents are still alive and healthy.  i hope i will have maintained strong friendships.  

i really hope we don’t still live in this condo.


One Comment to “41!!”

  1. I hope we are still healthy and alive, too.

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