• something i accomplished today:  photo session (w/maitland in tow)
  • something i screwed up today:  once again didn’t get around to trimming layne’s bangs.  ugh.
  • something fun i did with the kids:  i didn’t really do it “with” her, but i love it when harper does games on the computer.  i love watching her figure things out.
  • something funny or cute one of my kids did or said:  today i picked up lunch at chick-fil-a and brought it to my friend jenny’s house on the way back from my photo session (she babysat for me).  layne had only eaten like 2 bites of chicken and was asking for something else.  i told her she couldn’t have anything else until she ate her chicken.  i went over to the couch to feed the baby.  layne walked over, about 30 seconds later, with her mouth full of every piece of chicken on her plate but one (i think there were like 6 pieces).
  • something yummy i ate today:  3 kinds of awesome wood-fired pizza at a girls’ dinner (yummy and fun!) 
  • something i read today:  i have yet to do it.  the power of a positive mom.
  • a tv show or movie i watched today:  watched the first half of Rachel Getting Married.  like it alot so far.  
  • something i did today that i hardly ever do:  photo session.  ha!
  • something i did today that i do every day:  stayed up too late.
  • something i am thankful for right now:  my sweet husband just walked in.  i’m very thankful for him.
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