little letters

dear laptop, i love you more every day.  seroiusly, where have you been all my life?  i can’t believe i have spent so much of my adult/professional life without you.  the only thing i can imagine that would make me love you more was if you were green or maybe if you could magically pay for things i want to buy online.  your proud owner, katie

dear harper, you are developing quite a personality.  you are hilarious.  you make me smile and laugh even when you are doing something dishonest (tonight you called me into your dark room claiming you couldn’t find your kitty.  i had just given him to you about 7 minutes before.  i reached behind your pillow and there he was).  please stop growing so fast.  i want you to stay little for longer!  love you forever, mommy

dear Lord, thank you for surrounding us with such great family and friends.  we are blessed beyond measure.  amen.

dear owner of Express Fitness, how in the world can you possibly be the owner of a gym and yet you reek of cigarette smoke?  no different in my mind that if you weighed 350 pounds.  your annoyed patron, me


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