thought i’d post a play-by-play of today’s beach…ahem…”adventure”.  i want to record things like this so i can remember what it was like when the kids are older and i can just play with them without stress lay on a towel and read.

10:00 – feeding maitland on the couch at home.  stroller is packed and we are ready to walk out the door.

10:30 (not even going to attempt to speak of the things that happened from 10:00 to 10:30…the process of getting from our door to actually driving in the car is a post in itself.) – supposed to be meeting kathleen and carla, but stuck on the bridge.  maitland is screaming.  i opened the windows and he stopped.

10:40 – applying sunscreen in the parking lot.  layne is naked and screaming because i won’t let her put the sunscreen on her face by herself (“i do it!  i do it!”).  maitland is in his carseat on the ground still screaming.  however, i was thinking “this is going well so far”.  must’ve been feeling pretty optimistic because i decided not to put a swim diaper on layne (you can see where this is going, right?).

10:45 – walk from the car to the beach.  miraculously uneventful (thanks to kathleen helping me lug the stroller/cart down the stairs).

10:50 to 11:45 – maitland is asleep (thank you to the angels who were kissing him and singing to him or whatever you did to keep him asleep on the beach for that long).  girls are playing and eating.  harper is swimming about 30 yards away in her floatie (we were under the pier, which is a no swim zone, so she had to go down the beach a little ways.  i chose to stay with the other two kids because layne wanted NO part of the water and had very zealously let me know it.)

11:45 – maitland wakes up.  he’s not supposed to eat until 1:00.  i wasn’t worried.

11:48 – he’s a little fussy.  everytime i pick him up, he gets more sand on him and feels a little sweatier than the last time.  oh man.

12:00 – explain to harper that maitland is fussing and we have to go.  she doesn NOT like this.  tantrum follows.  i hand maitland to kathleen and start to gather up my things.  he stops fussing and looks like he might fall asleep.  i change my mind and decide i might as well stay a little longer (seems to make the trek a little more worthwhile).

12:08 – harper is swimming down the beach again…looks like she’s having fun.  layne is finally sitting in the water playing with some other kids and…wait…is that a SMILE i just saw?  maitland starts to fuss again so i decide i’ll try to nurse him.  i do so very discreetly (if you’ve ever breastfed in public, you understand why this made me happy) and he’s liking it for a few minutes. 

12:10 – carla informs me that LAYNE’S BATHING SUIT IS FULL OF POOP.  oh man.  [you’re right if you’re thinking it’s all downhill from here.]  layne is crying again.

12:10:30 – i pretty much run up to my stuff and start throwing things in the stroller/cart (including poor maitland…he was laid on top of all the towels).  i ask kathleen to run and get harper and tell her we have to go.  thankfully, harper comes pretty quickly.

12:12 – we head up the hill to the stairs. i was carrying a ridiculous load thinking, “this is exactly why i go to the gym.”  i hadn’t put shoes on either girl yet and poor layne’s feet were burning.  i pull her over to the bushes and empty out her bathing suit as best i can (i really didn’t want poop flying everywhere while i was rinsing her in the shower).  i put layne down and tell her “the sand is hot.  run to the stairs.”  she does the opposite.  took 4 steps and froze.  luckily kathleen was right there, so she grabbed her (i had just filled my hands up with the ridiculous load again.)  amazingly enough, during this part of the process, maitland was quiet as a mouse…just looking around from his bed in the bottom of the stroller. 

12:15 – make it to the showers.  i laid maitland on a towel in the shade.  harper put on her halo and started rinsing herself off without me saying a word to her.  i slap myself out of my proud stupor and get to work on the other little gal.  i grab her and the torture ensues.  she was screaming as i was trying my best to act totally normal while rinsing the poop out of her bathing suit and get the sand off of her.  finally it’s done and i sat her down on the towel next to her brother.  put her shoes on and i can tell she’s feeling much better.  she gets up and it’s obvious to me that there is still work to be done on her rear-end.  wow.

12:18 – we get to the car, i get everything unloaded and get maitland in his carseat.  he’s spit up everywhere, but he’s happy.  good.  put a towel on the grass and put layne on it.  i take off her bathing suit and she’s covered with sand.  wipe her bottom and put on a clean diaper.  the sand will have to wait. 

12:24 – off we go.

just realized that my times are all wrong on this because when i put maitland in his seat it was 12:40-something.  oh well.  you get the picture.  speaking of pictures, i hope this one stays in my mind forever.  i’m already laughing about it.  and, let me just say, i am not complaining.  i’m glad my life is challenging in this respect.  i know it sounded like i was complaining about layne, but i’m just stating facts.  she’s almost 2 and she’s acting it.  that’s that.  right now she’s sitting next to me being very sweet…she just has her moments.


5 Comments to “sheesh.”

  1. you forgot to mention the part about how maitland likes me better than you 🙂

  2. YOU ARE BRAVE!!! We took all 4 kids to the beach a few weeks ago and it was fun for them WORK for me. I asked joe how many years do you think its going to be until we can sleep while they are playing? The waves were so intense when we went it wasnt even safe for noah to be in the water alone….. I miss the gulf sometimes and how calm it was. The waves here are CRAZY for 5 year olds….

  3. Just remember, God gave you those babies to love and raise -up loving the Lord. Sounds like you are “on-track”. Poop in her pants, huh ?

    Are you really leaving Harper alone, in the water, at the beach? WOW ! ! ! That is scarey to a poppy.

  4. oh! I forgot …………


  5. Katie, reading this makes me feel so good! That is so my life some days! My 3 boys are 3 years and 3 months apart, oldest to youngest. I’m thankful for your good attitude about it… I always want to cry or scream in the moment, even if I can laugh about it later!

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