i’m no expert, but…

wrote this post awhile ago…we’re at the condo with ryan’s family so i figured tonight’s a good time to post it…

this is a list of some things that i think all mothers of new babies should have or use or do.  strictly my own opinions, of course…everyone’s experience and view of their job is different.

  • get some good swaddling blankets or some of these…if you don’t settle, you won’t have to re-wrap your kid 4 times when they wiggle thier hands out of the burrito.  this time around, i had a friend give me some gtreat big muslin “blankets”…they’ve been so awesome that i ordered 2 more from target.  (ps: swaddling is KEY in calming your newborn if you can’t figure out why they’re crying…it’s also a clutch move in getting them to sleep as long as possible – which is usually not longer than 3 hours.)
  • get some type of baby carrier…whether it be a sling, a bjorn, or whatever.  babies love to be “worn” and it allows you to tend to the baby and still have two free hands.
  • cut baby wipes in half.  newborn’s bottoms aren’t big enough to need a regular-sized wipe and cutting them obviously makes a batch last twice as long.  if there is a large poop, you can always use two.
  • get one of these (carseat stroller frame).
  • get a swing or a vibrating bouncy seat or both.  your baby will thank you for it.  actually, YOU will thank you for it.
  • my favorite baby books: Baby 411 and Happiest Baby on the Block
  • if you are nursing, make sure you’re very aware of foods that you should avoid.  babies that are gassy are no fun…there are many foods that mommy eats that can make them that way: broccolli in any capacity, cabbage (i made the mistake of eating some eggrolls last week and maitland paid dearly for it), excessive raw veggies, etc.
  • if baby does get gassy, there are lots of anti-gas remedies on the market.  we’ve used milicon and i think it works pretty well.
  • i LOVE Lilypads.  they are sticky silicone circles that you stick to your breast.  they put pressure on the nipple to alleviate leakage, and if you do leak, it stays put.  [unfortunately, these don’t work for mommies with a large milk supply…or so i’ve been told.]  they are like $20 per set, but will last you a month or two…i think they’re totally worth it because every other breast pad i’ve ever tried could be seen through my shirt (the lumps).
  • don’t set high goals for the first 3 months as far as life outside of your baby.  there will be days when you feel like literally all you did all day was nurse, burp, and change diapers.  the baby days pass SO quickly, so just soak it up while you can.  i am really making sure i remind myself of this while maitland is tiny…i have a totally different perspective this time, being pretty confident that he is our last baby.  i don’t beat myself up if my kids watch an hour of tv or if the laundry’s not done or if my legs are hairy.  i have really been trying to remind myself that all that is required is my best for the day.
  • lastly, i’m looking in the mirror when i say this, but don’t be afraid to ask for help or to ask other people what worked for them.  my one regret for when harper was a baby was that i was a little cocky and tried to tell myself that i didn’t need help.  i think i did a fine job on my own, but i could have saved myself some frustrations by simply asking other moms what worked for them.

3 Comments to “i’m no expert, but…”

  1. Thank you!! This is so helpful to a new mom. and yes, I swear I feel like all I do is nurse and I have no life

  2. i love your blog- and your lists- sometimes when I dont know what to write i go check out lots of other blogs for ideas- and yours is always one I check up on. Thanks

  3. YAY! Mentally noting all these for the future 🙂

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