we’re leaving tomorrow morning to head up to a condo in new smyrna beach with ryan’s family.  i’m super excited, but have lots to do before we go, so here’s just a few little quickies before i get up to face the mess at my dining table (let’s just say layne thought lunch today was new year’s eve and her macaroni was the confetti):

  • we watched The Book of Eli on sunday night.  i loved it.  it exceeded my expectations, and i don’t really feel like very many movies do that anymore.  i don’t want to say too much in case one of my 4 readers is going to watch it, but speaking as a christian, i can say that i was pleasantly surprised.
  •  layne is asleep in my bed right now.  i am shocked.  the pack ‘n play that she normally naps in is folded up and already packed in my car for our trip, so i had no choice but to put her on my bed (harper is having her quiet/rest time in the girls’ room, so layne couldn’t nap there).  i am SO proud of her because she didn’t try to get out of bed even once.  i think a big-girl bed is close on the horizon…most likely some kind of bunk beds…  when maitland starts sleeping through the night, we may end up just putting all 3 kids in there together…something i said i’d never do.  we’ll see.
  • going to pick-up soccer tonight.  i am so so excited!  i’m obviously super out of shape, and most likely won’t be able to walk tomorrow, but nonetheless i can’t wait to get back out there and kick the ball around a little bit.  the kids and i went to ryan’s game last night (which went surprisingly well) and it got me so stoked to play again.
  • my friend holly talked about me in her blog the other day.  i was so flattered.  we haven’t seen each other in forever…she’s a few years younger than me, but we ran track and did cheerleading together in high school.  like many other people i’ve been delighted to reconnect with, i got back in touch with her via Facebook.  she has an incredibly successful shop on etsy and her art is also now being produced by Demdaco (the big company that makes the Willow Tree figurines and other cool stuff that you can find like at Hallmark or christian book stores).  she’s cool and beautiful enough to wear her hair super short and i love that about her…not many girls have the guts.  holly, i love that we are in touch and i love watching your creativity and ideas and business grow!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your friend’s shop. She has some great stuff! How cool to be picked up by a big company too!
    We’ll be out at the beach house starting tomorrow too! How close are you all to the inlet?

  2. So crazy…I think we’ve had her shop marked as a “favorite” on Etsy for quite some time. I LOVE her stuff…had no idea she was a friend of yours. Such a small world!

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