daddy dearest

i’m not a huge advocate for mother’s day or father’s day or valentine’s day or any other holiday where i feel obligated by our culture to express myself.  yes, i care about my mother(s) and father and my valentine very VERY much, but i don’t need a special day to tell them so.  that being said, i would still like to give my dad a little something today.  i didn’t get anything in the mail on time, so here goes:  here are some random things i love/appreciate about him….

1. he has super cool handwriting and an awesome signature (i always used to try to copy it in high school and i could never do it).

2. he has a green thumb and a pretty extensive knowledge of plants.

3. he was in the circus in college…did a little of everything.

4. one time when we were kids he let us play with dry ice in the pool.

5. he is a fantastic grandpa (“poppy”).

6. he likes to eat things over the sink.

7. speaking of eating, he has some wierd food habits that i think are cool: he loves cold fried chicken, sardines, and will bite into a vidalia onion like it’s an apple.

8. he is kinda artsy and not alot of people know it. 

9. he knows alot about dogs and horses.

10. he is the most patriotic person i know…absolutely passionate about his country and government.

11. he likes old movies…john waye and clash of the titans and such.

12. he’s very handy.

13. we went on some incredible vacations when i was younger, thanks to him (and his thousands of frequent flier miles).

14. he made us a tire swing in the front yard when we were kids.  now there’s one in the backyard for his grandkids.

15. his mom lives in an assisted living home and he visits her all the time.

16. he is adventurous.  (about 5 years ago we made an audition tape for the amazing race.)

17. he has a great sense of humor.

18. he taught me to love oldies and country music.

19. he makes a great effort to get to know my husband.

20. he is a good cook…few tricks up his sleeve.

love you dad!!  hope you’re my dad for a long long time!  xoxo


2 Comments to “daddy dearest”

  1. I will be your dad forever, not just a long-time.

    Where in the world did “Clash of the Titans” come from ???

    I LOVE YOU and thanks for the kindness …

    It is a GREAT Father’s Day surprise.

  2. i guess i meant i want you to be my ALIVE dad for a long long time. 🙂
    clash of the titans? i can totally remember you watching stuff like that at random times on saturdays or whatever…godzilla…whatever arnold’s first movie was…
    glad you “found” your present! xoxo

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