it’s a good thing…

i don’t have Facebook on my phone.  for many reasons… 

even though i can’t post a new status whenever i feel like it, sometimes i THINK in status form…anyone else do this?

here are some of the status updates i would’ve posted today:

  • 7:41 AM  “maitland’s my hero!  six hours straight last night!!”
  • 8:57 AM  “i hate unpacking almost as much as i hate packing.”
  • 9:05 AM  “making a dr’s appointment for harper…she hasn’t pooped in 8 days.  sadly typical.”
  • 10:12 AM  “just had the pleasure of administering a suppository.”
  • 11:42 AM  “i love it when i pull together a great lunch for the girls out of a fridge that i thought had ‘nothing’ in it.”
  • 12:18 PM  “harper just pooped out a friggin redwood tree.  don’t who is happier: her or me.”
  • 1:34 PM  “all 3 kids asleep at the same time.”
  • ONLY REAL FB STATUS OF THE DAY>  1:46 PM  “huge Pepper float.”
  • 5:00 PM  “ryan’s in ft. lauderdale…we’re at chick-fil-a for dinner with Kathleen.”
  • 6:27 PM  “at the park with Kathleen…loving some grown-up/girlfriend conversation”
  • 6:42 PM  “harper just POOPED HER PANTS!  we’re outta here (and she’s gonna sit in it all the way home).”
  • 7:18 PM  “girls bathed and in bed.  NOT asleep, just in bed.”
  • 7:36 PM  “layne climbed out of her crib.  again.”
  • 9:22 PM  “laundry and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!!!”

7 Comments to “it’s a good thing…”

  1. if you had posted them I would have “liked” most of them….:)

  2. This was amazing. I especially enjoyed the poop updates. A friggin redwood tree… bahahhaha

  3. This is great! Maybe you should consider getting a FB app for your phone. We’d all love to ready your updates!

  4. I totally gotta agree with Lyndsey! I actually laughed out loud at the redwood tree part, and I don’t do that often!

  5. funny- sometimes throughout the day I think that way-like Oh- I gotta put this on fb or I gotta blog about it- (except I seem to have undiagnosed OCD) and actually make a list of things I want to put on my blog- @ the time it seems like a great idea and later I forget- so on the list it goes- lol

  6. HAHA Katie, please post on FB more, not that I would see it there. Hilarious day with the pooping – only a mother could laugh AND understand. Love you! Sari

  7. Very funny Katie! (Fyi-You can update your facebook status using texts from your phone if you set it up. However, if you do not have unlimited texts, you might not want to do that either.)

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