little letters

dear dad, thank you SO much for letting me mow the yard.  i loved it.  i love the loud white noise and mindless riding around…great time to think and not think.

dear insects, i like you.  i know sometimes you get a bad rap and sometimes i squish you, but tonight i like you:  crickets and cicadas, you should get paid.  i was so glad i didn’t use my iPod during my run tonight.  you sounded so loud and beautiful.  spiders, i know that you’d like to get straight to work on repairing your webs when the sun goes down, but do you really have to swing all the way across the road?  i do not enjoy being smashed smeared in the face with a stricky string.  lightning bugs, i love you.  you are a complete treat.

dear potato skins,  i cannot promise you i’ll never throw you away again, but i will try really really hard not to.  i know that in the past when i’ve made potato soup i have just scooped out your insides and thrown you in the trashcan.  tonight you made me seriously regret that when i covered you with cheese and bacon, baked you and slathered you with sour cream.  surely i will remember your deliciousness.


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