how is it almost 11 PM?

i need to get to bed, but i just wanted to write about some things making me happy lately.

the kids and i have been in tallahassee since friday evening.  good times.  my sister’s kids are here too, so they’re all having a grand time.  i love it here.  even regular things i do at home aren’t so regular here…laundry, making potato soup, even watching tv.  i feel i have more freedom…i guess everybody feels that way on vacation, but here it’s even better because this vacation comes with built-in FREE babysitters.  ha.  the first night we were here, maitland slept for FIVE hours straight.  a first.  i was delighted to say the least.  guess he loves it here too.

there is a goodwill here that i love to shop at.  i always find good clothes there.  today’s trip was extra fun.  monday is 50% off on all clothes.  nice.  i was trying on a pair of shorts and i put my hands in the pockets and pulled out a $20 bill!!  i was jazzed to say the least…especially when my total at the register was $22.

mom took the three older kids to the city pool around noon.  i put layne down for a nap and then spent 2 hours in the recliner with maitland.  i’d never do that if we were home.  i’d be rushing around trying to mop the floor or something with him in the bjorn.  so fun to channel surf and just soak up my sleeping son.

someone came to look at the condo today.  the kids and i weren’t there.  that made me happy (trying to keep the house clean longer than 10 minutes is challenge).  keep coming, potential buyers!  we’ll be gone for 3 more days…

okay so now it’s not almost 11 PM, it’s twelve minutes after.  i’ve got to get to bed.  my alarm will be going off in a few hours (i.e. baby will want to eat).



One Comment to “how is it almost 11 PM?”

  1. how cool about the $20!

    and glad you are getting some r&r! 🙂

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