Happy Birthday to my BEST BUD

got this from amy last week and decided to use it to talk about my husband ryan on his birthday.

I am… blessed to be married to an amazing guy who is truly my best friend and partner.

 I think… he is the coolest, most interesting person i’ve ever met.

 I should… be more thankful for him on a daily basis.

I dream… of what the rest of our lives together will be like.  full of adventure, i hope.

I want… our kids to understand what a great daddy they have.

I know… he’ll be embarrassed by this post.

I don’t like… when he’s not around.

I smell… um…not answering this.

I hear… him snoring almost every night.

I fear… he may never know how much respect i have for him.

I usually… am asleep when he kisses me goodbye in the morning.

I search… for ways to get him to give up his saltine addiction.

I miss… the days when it was just us (obviously i love the kids, but we had some good times before they came along).

I always… know what he is about to do/say (almost always).

I regret… nagging him for 4 years about us getting married.

I wonder… quite often about the rest of our life together.

I crave… his attention.

I remember… when i used to see him in the cafeteria at PBA.

I forget… to tell him things all the time and it drives me crazy.

I feel… happy and calm when we hug.

I can…. make him laugh.

I can’t… imagine my life without him in it.

I am happy… That’s all.

I lose… anytime we play anything together.

I sing… his praises?   hehe

I listen… to him read to the girls at night (and it makes me smile).

I shop…. for him because he hates it.

I love… many many things about him.


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