today felt like a monday

usually mondays aren’t that bad for me.  i try to take it easy on the weekends as far as laundry and cleaning and what-not…usually just do what is absolutely necessary.  most times when the work week starts, i’m feeling renewed from the “break” i got over the weekend and am ready to jump back into the normal routine.  to start the week off right, i make pancakes.  every monday.  sometimes they’re plain, sometimes blueberry, usually chocolate chip.  i usually remember this tradition while i’m still lying in bed and it really is a motivation for me to get up and get going.

anyway, today was a bit of a challenge.  i’ll start now and back up.  at this moment, i just wiped tears from my eyes.  harper is lying on her mattress in the bathroom.  i just moved it there because she refused to shut her mouth and stay in bed.  she’s had 3 spankings, lost her bedtime music, and i confiscated her favorite book until i feel like giving it back.  about an hour ago (7:30), harper came out of her room and said, “mom!  layne climbed out of her crib!!”  my stomach dropped.  layne is pretty good at physical stuff and is pretty gutsy, so i have really been surprised that she hadn’t done it up til now.  ryan and i have been talking every now and then about what we would do when the time came.  i was just hoping we would be moved by the time it happened.  so, layne had a few spankings too (although i almost felt guilty spanking her because she was so happy and proud of herself).  {TIME OUT: HARPER JUST GOT OUT OF BED AGAAAAIIIIN!!!!}  when harper came out to tell me layne had climbed out, i was curled up in a blanket on the couch trying to take a nap.  at 7:15 PM. 

today was probably my first frustrating day with maitland.  he seemed just fussy for no reason and i was more tired than normal (i went for my first post-partum run last night and it DRAINED me…even into today).  still, i can’t complain about the boy just because he cried a little at the library while i was trying to wrangle his sisters and check out the ridiculous amount of media we had in stuffed in the bottom of the stroller.  turns out it was his lunchtime, too…i felt so guilty when i figured that out because i was annoyed with him at the time.

speaking of the library, i thought layne was going to get us booted out of the place.  her hobby these days is running away and thinking it’s hilarious when i chase after her.  her behaviour in there today ruined all chances of her feet touching the ground in the children’s section again anytime soon.  next time we go, she’ll be strapped into the front of the double-stroller that i so foolishly left in the car today when we were there (remember what i said about being drained from that run?  my body felt like a lead pipe until…well, it still kinda does).  

there were bright spots in the day.  the aforementioned pancakes were blueberry today.  and i tried new yummy syrup.  i’m wearing (and loving) a new shirt i got yesterday at goodwill (thanks, sherry!).  i got to watch an entire episode of Friday Night Lights on dvr without interruption with only one interruption while the kids were napping/dancing around a dark room.  it did 3 loads of laundry and put them all away.  to do both in the same day is a huge accomplishment for me.  mom’s frozen spaghetti sauce made dinner easy and delicious.  my laptop always cheers me up.

i’ve said it before after a complaining post and i’ll say it again:  i love my kids and i love my job.  i am so blessed to be able to stay at home with my kids and watch them grow every day.  however, anyone who does it (stays home) knows that it can feel very thankless sometimes.         

man i wish we had some ice cream.


9 Comments to “today felt like a monday”

  1. please write a book 🙂

  2. Katie, I love your blog. You are so transparent. I love that! I’m blessed every time I read it. 🙂

  3. Hey Katie, Saw your post on FB and thought I’d come here to find out the rest of the story! So sorry you had a rough day.

    Glenn just said to me yesterday (when we were at the store with the three kids and no one was cooperating) that he felt like we were losing control… I had to shout an amen. Grace (3 1/2) has been pretty opinionated lately and the incessant questions (mostly about why she does or doesn’t get to do something) have increased dramatically since preschool ended. She too is quite dramatic and when she doesn’t get her way, the drama escalates, and so does my anger. I think she misses the structure of preschool and is bored with our laid-back summer schedule.

    Your story about the library hit home as well. I used to be able to take Grace to story hr and she would just sit and listen. Meghan (2), on the other hand, is like a bull in a china shop. She doesn’t sit still, she runs down the aisle and around the corner just to get met to run after her, and she pulls all of the books off of the shelf. After one trip of that, I vowed to never go to the library with the girls by myself again. Additionally, Meghan’s new favorite thing is to shout “NO!” when I ask her to do something and run off. She also enjoys screaming and jumping up and down when she doesn’t get her way.

    I guess I tell you these things to say that we are all in this together and, if I were at the library with you today, I definitely wouldn’t fault you (I’d probably enjoy knowing I wasn’t the only one with a hellion for a 2yr old). Another note of encouragement… Maitland will get the hang of things. Claire hit 3mo and she just got happy. The unexplainable screaming went away and she has really become quite predictable. It is so easy to feel like it is never going to end, but it will soon. Take it easy on yourself… no one can do everything. Even if the situation explodes, you got them out of the house today… and for that, you are Supermom!

  4. What a day! Your honesty and openness is refreshing. Hope tomorrow you get to enjoy a small miracle (you know, like washing and putting away three loads of laundry) to help make the difficulty of today seem like a distant memory. Good luck with everything.

  5. Wow- do I share your feelings some days! Sounds like you went through the ringer today-lol. We all have bad days and it’s okay to say so sometimes.
    I hate when I say something like this to someone who either doesnt have kids, or thinks you should stick to 1 or 2, and they say something like “You wanted all these kids”=- Why yes I did and still do but some days it’s exhausting- is all!
    Tell it like is girl! Stinkin’ kids make me want to leave them at the library sometimes- just turn around like: hat those kids? no they’re not with me- my kids wouldnt be acting that way!” (Insert quick strides before someone shouts Mom) LOL

  6. This post makes me feel:
    1. Better- because I know my baby is not the only one who goes nuts in the library.
    2. Scared- because Joe is only 16 months old and he can already be SO unmanageable
    3. Thankful-‘thanks for showing me that in the midst of all the stress there is still joy to be found.

  7. Just want to say that I love you!!!!!! 🙂

  8. Love ya sis!!! I have had so many days similar to this but the main difference is I probably didn’t handle them as well as you! Hang in there, they really do grow up so fast!!! Before ya know it the crazy hecticness of the younger years will be gone and replaced will a whole new exciting challenge! Just wait till Harper rolls her eyes and mumbles “whatever mom” under her breath!! 🙂 miss you!!! Harper and Layne need to come visit Aunt Nat Nat for a few days!!!!

  9. I just wanted to say that I have been there and I am there now. I love my kids but sometimes in the midst of it all it can make you want to cry! Love your blog Katie keep it up;)

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