harper is getting so grown up.  it’s so much fun to see, but also scares me half to death because things are moving so fast.  i totally feel like digging in my heels and holding onto her with both hands.  i feel like by the time i have this parenting thing down, she’ll have nothing left she wants to learn (in other words, she’ll be like 14).  she’s been difficult lately…attitude-y, but  we’re hoping it’s a phase or has something to do with the new baby and dealing with it on a moment-to-moment basis.  today is one of those days where i feel like the string of my frustrations has no break in between (although i think part of her acting crazy today is because she’s getting whatever virus i’ve had this week.  shoot.).  i thought i’d do a post dedicated to our sweet harper so that i can be reminded of some of the many many reasons i love her so much.

she’s been using some hilarious words lately.  well, i guess the words aren’t hilarious in themselves, but she picks them up from who-knows-where and uses them perfectly in context.  two i can think of right now:  swell (“mom, this game sure is swell.”); and “fresh out” (“we’re fresh out of diapers.”).

even though she thinks she’s pretty smart because “I’m FOUR now!”, she still pronounces alot of things wrong: “tummy-egg” (tummy ache), “remoke” (remote).  she also uses alot of wrong words in place of others: “layne, our popsicles are the same age.” (when they’re the same size).

she is super obsessed with ballet and pretty much any kind of dance (like i’m sure most little girls are).  ryan wants to steer the girls away from that kind of thing, but i honestly don’t know if we’ll be able to avoid it with harper.  she seems to have some natural ability (and that tall, thin dancer’s body).  hopefully she’ll be into soccer or some other sport AND dance.  she’s also swimming like a fish everywhere in the pool, which is so nice (because i don’t have to have a constant eye on her i can concentrate more on the other 2).

as far as her personality goes, i still don’t have a total handle on it.  she’s pretty dramatic, which can be both cute and annoying.  seems pretty headstrong…not exactly “strong-willed”, but stubborn, for sure.  and i think she’s a born leader, too, which is again both cool and annoying (nobody likes a bossyolder sister).  it’s very exciting as a parent to see your kids start to blossom and turn into little people.

love you so much, sweet harper ann.  so glad i get to be your mommy.

 (watching tv in the hospital room on maitland’s birthday)


3 Comments to “H.A.H.”

  1. Katron, this post made me laugh out LOUD! Popsicles are the same age! Hah! She is so special and creative and wonderful. Kieren has that ‘tude too so I feel you. She is beautiful already, friend. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I feel like I say it on every comment but you really do crack me up! Harper is just so cute and so special!! I can totally see her getting into dance and being a little ballerina 🙂

  3. I also laughed the the popsicles. Love it!

    Love that sweet girl of yours.

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