wish list

we’ve been (FINALLY) seeing some interest in our condo.  someone came yesterday to walk through it and another someone is supposed to come tomorrow.  this is exciting, but i’m definitely jaded from having the place on the market for so long (TWICE) and having very little interest shown.  that being said, i do get my hopes up a little bit avery now and then and think about what i’d like to have in somewhere we might move.  (i think i may already have made a list like this on my blog before, but it’s my blog and i can do what i want.  so there.)

i want: A THIRD BEDROOM.  maitland is cool sharing a room with mom and dad now, but it would be a shame in a year or so if he had to choose between living with the parents or living in a pink room with his sisters.

i want: A PANTRY.  i’m sick of having food in the cupboard, on top of the fridge, in a basket on top of the toaster oven, AND in glass jars on the counter.

i want: A YARD.  doesn’t even have to be fenced in…i’d settle for any type of grassy area just outside the door.  also, somewhere to hook up a hose (that is not a showerhead) would be cool

i want: A DRIVEWAY.  just really a place to park where no one else can and it is mere steps away from my door.  what a concept.

i want: A GARAGE.  i’d love to have a place to put all of our tools, paint, holiday decoration bins, camping stuff, and sports equipment.  oh, and a car, if there was any room left.  ha!

i want: BIKES.  i have seriously been aching for a few years for us to be able to go on family bike rides.  that can’t happen until we have a garage.

big wish: AN ART ROOM/OFFICE. this would be unreal.  definitely a huge stretch, but a girl can dream, right?

[i would like to add that i know alot of people have it worse than us.  i am content.  i realize i am extremely blessed.  this list doesn’t discount that, i guess i just feel like it’s okay to dream a little sometimes.]

this one would be nice…


2 Comments to “wish list”

  1. I’m going to pray you get everything on your wish. Before we moved I asked the Lord for really random things like a house where I can keep the windows open without direct sunline BEAMING in. He answered that prayer in every single window in this house. I’m praying God would answer you with a big YES! love you

  2. I just know it’s going to happen soon!! Lord knows you deserve everything on this list!!!

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