newborn love

  • they sleep like 20 hours a day.  and look so darn cute doing it.
  • i love picking out the lint they get between their fingers and toes.
  • newborn noises.  grunts, squeaks, even cries.
  • incredibly soft skin.
  • their poop doesn’t stink.
  • their food is free.
  • innocence, pure and simple.
  • they don’t talk back.
  • i love how everything is so…round.  their legs are bowed.  little hands are always in fists.  cheeks are chubby.
  • so happy that all my babies love(d) to be swaddled.  love the burrito (and the effect that it has on a fussy little one).


3 Comments to “newborn love”

  1. love all those things too! want to do a play date one afternoon next week?

  2. I LOVED picking the lint out of joe’s fingers and toes. I love their little neck folds and the way you can drape them on top of you while they sleep.

  3. I don’t know if you get alerts when people post things, but I just spent all of nap time catching up on your blog. This post made me cry! All the things you posted are things I will SOOO miss about a baby! I’ve been so excited for our next season of life that I barely savored Kiah’s babyhood and the things I love about babies.

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