• al and tipper gore and reportedly getting a divorce after FORTY years of marriage.  i know this happens alot, and of course every instance is just as sad as the next, but i hate that this couple is so prevelant in our society.  i’m sure there are people out there cheering them on (“life’s too short to be unhappy”), but i am so saddened.  wouldn’t you feel as though 40 years of your life was a waste?  i cannot imagine “doing life” with someone for that long and then voluntarily deciding to move on.
  • people say to me all the time, “you have your hands full!”  i have no idea what to say to this.  so far all my replies have been something like, “yes i do, but i love it” or “yup, i’m very blessed”.  what do people expect you to say?  it’s not like i’m going to frown and say, “i know.  it’s exhausting.  they are little pains in my neck.”
  • apparently pampers has a new diaper out that is giving babies rashes and “burns”.  an article i read yesterday said that a group of parents had started a facebook page to trash the name of pampers and their abusive diapers.  i don’t get this.  why not just buy different diapers?  why can’t people take responsibility for their situation?
  • harper is still having pooping problems.  our latest measure of punishment is making her wear pull-ups when she won’t go.  i told ryan last night that i feel like we need to get her counseling or something.  so wierd.  i feel so helpless about it.

3 Comments to “people”

  1. i actually heard a reporter on the Today Show this morning say that she “wouldn’t call divorce after 40 years a failed marriage.” i thought to myself, “well, then what WOULD you call it?! so strange.

    so good to see you today. love you. miss you.

  2. 1. I feel disconnected to any world news..didn’t even know about the divorce.
    2. After over 11 months of hearing it, that line still drives me crazy (“you have your hands full”)…lately, I’ve caught myself being a little sarcastic and replying, “what do you mean?”

  3. Abusive diapers…that’s funny…
    and I can’t believe harper still struggles with that, poor thing 😦

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