little letters

seen this on a few other blogs. copying them and making it a new category.  good for when i don’t have much to say but i’m dying to post something.

introducing “little letters”…

dear matiland, thank you SO much for sleeping for a whopping FOUR hours straight during one of your “naps” last night.  you have no idea what a difference there is between 3 and 4 hours.  i felt refreshed.  seriously.  you’re 5 weeks old and already making me proud.  feel free to try for a longer stretch whenever you feel comfortable.  love, mommy  (ps. no pressure, but just so you know, everything i’ve read about newborns says that you’re supposed to be sleeping 6-8 hours straight by the time you’re 6 weeks old.  that’s next monday.  no pressure.)

dear sals, your pizza is delicious.  the fact that it is only $7 makes it absolutely irresistable.  you made my day. many thanks, a loyal cusomer.

dear snotty girl in the elevator, why do you not even try to make your dog/rat be nice to my kids?  they have perfect doggy manners and your dog is just as snotty as you are.  maybe next time i see you i will find out your name…then you’ll feel guilty every time your dog tries to bite one of my kids.  see you around.

dear van,  i am so sorry i spent all those years insulting you behind your back.  you are one of my best friends.  let’s do life together for a long long time.  your faithful, katie


5 Comments to “little letters”

  1. This cracked me up..thanks friend..needed a laugh!

  2. you are hilarious- love the snotty girl and van letters- ROFL

  3. haha! You are too much 🙂

  4. haha this is hysterical!

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