katie’s month in review

i watch “the view” sometimes while i fold laundry or eat lunch.  they have a segment called “joy’s month in review”.  here’s mine:

some things that have happened:

  • maitland was born (he’s a month old today!)
  • harper turned 4 (still crying on the inside over that one)
  • i had a wonderful week without the girls to get to know maitland and do my best to take it easy and heal.
  • maitland’s belly button stump fell off.  those things are disgusting.
  • ryan took harper on a date to see a mary poppins show.  turns out it was basically a recital for like 100 kids.  ryan was (secretly) extremely bored, but harper LOVED it.
  • LOST finale.  my expectations were super low, and i was still disappointed.  they got in way over their head…no way they could’ve explained everything in 2 1/2 hours.
  • i figured out that Pandora is absolute GOLD in my house.  i thought for the longest time that it cost money…i have no idea why, but the girls absolutely LOVE it.  pretty much every afternoon around this time, i turn it on the TV (playstation internet browser) and they dress up and dance around the living room for literally hours.  GOLD, i tell you!
  • our house became a short sale.  fingers crossed.
  • i discovered the show “9 by design” on bravo.  could be one of my favorite shows EVER.

some things i’ve learned about myself:

  • i feel like more a stranger in this body than i did in the one i had a month and a day ago. 
  • i’ve come to realize that i crave normalcy and routine.  i am laid-back and am definitely not a stickler about doing most things at certain times or whatever, but after things are different for a few weeks, i need them back to normal.  my mom couldn’t believe i didn’t want her to come back and help me with the girls after their week away, but i was really anxious to get things back to as normal as possible.  (let me just follow that by saying that i LOVE it when big exciting things happen, such as having a baby or moving…wow, that would be unbelieveably fun…i fantasize every time i see a moving truck.)
  • i watch way too much TV…especially when i’m only sleeping 3 hours at a time at night and am super tired all the time.  i hate that as soon as the girls are in bed and the kitchen is clean, all i want to do is literally collapse on the couch.  i’d like to set aside at least one night a week where i watch zero TV.
  • i LOOOVE vanilla coke.
  • just when i think i know and appreciate how blessed i am, i realize that i have no idea.

some things i have meant to do and haven’t gotten around to:

  • crest white strips.  they’re in the bathroom cabinet.  all i have to do is wear them.
  • stop eating sweets.  did it for 3 days and then….i don’t know what happened.  i decided last night i’m giving myself until the 6 week mark and then i’m declaring WAR on this baby fat.  this is my first time trying to shed fat while in my 30’s…i’m thinking it might be a little harder than the past 2 times…
  • order replacement chair back for our new dining set (one of them is broken).  actually did this while i was typing this post.
  • finish and deliver all thank you notes.  i have some finished ones that have been in my purse for over a month.  ugh.
  • be more consistent with blogging.  even if it’s only for my kids’ sakes (so that they have some record of their early years).


2 Comments to “katie’s month in review”

  1. love your blog posts Katie!

  2. LOVE this update K-tron, great to hear about your life in this past month. Give yourself a BREAK friend and take it slow! You will find a new routine before you know it. And tv is OKAY during these first months of baby – gosh we gotta just stay awake some days! Love you!

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