swagger wagon

so…when i was a kid, we got a mini-van.  it was a toyota previa.  it had a refrigerator/freezer between the two front seats.  it had a huge sunroof.  the captain’s chairs in the back swiveled all the way around.  on trips we would turn them backwards and play cards and eat snacks and whatever else.  at the time, i thought it was the coolest car ever.  however, that mini-van love didn’t last forever.  by the time i was old enough to seriously think about what my life would be like when i had kids, i had firmly decided that i would NEVER own and/or drive a van.  even when we had harper 4 years ago and i knew i needed to get rid of my little 3-door saturn, and we bought a mazda hatchback, it still never crossed my mind that the next car i’d own would be a   van.  that’s right people, we got one.  and honestly, it hasn’t been that hard of a pill to swallow.

here’s the deal.  about six months ago, i started reading “total money makeover” by dave ramsey.  he talks alot about letting go of the need to “keep up with the joneses”…about how if we forget about what other people think, our wallets and ourselves will be happier.  i was very convicted.  i’m not concerned with “the joneses” most of the time, but when it came time to thinking about a larger vehicle for our growing family, i realized that i DID care what people thought.  i didn’t want to be a cliche’ soccer mom.  [if you know me, you know i don’t like being cliche’ anything.]  but then i quickly realized that large s.u.v.’s cost ALOT of money and use ALOT of gas that costs ALOT of money.  so, i made the decision that i didn’t care what anyone thought.  i wanted/needed a bigger vehicle for a small price and decided that i didn’t care if that meant a van.  

my father-in-law did alot of looking at the same time that we were, and he ended up finding the perfect van on craigslist.  we had some pretty strict guidelines as far as mileage, age, and price and this van met them all.  i am honestly SO thankful for this van.  ryan and i laughed at ourselves for all of an hour and then i think we were over it.  we got it 2 days before we had the baby, so i hadn’t even driven it until this week.  i love it.  let me say it like this (loud and proud): I LOVE MY MINI-VAN.  i am ecstatic about all the space.  there are many problems presented in my life thanks to a lack of space and storage in our home.  it is so nice to have so much extra space when it comes to my vehicle.  it makes me seriously happy when i look in the rearview mirror and see so much room.  pretty sure the old mazda would’ve fit INSIDE the sienna.  here are some pictures…

the view in my mirror.

same view, i just thought y’all might like to see how harper strapped in her baby.

view from the back looking forward.  i am obsessed with all the cupholders and little storage nooks and crannys.

i honestly even love the sliding doors…especially since i have to parallel park so often, it’s nice that my doors don’t hang out into the road.

and, if i’d have needed another reason for developing some pride for my new ride, this incredible video would have done it.  watch it.  now.  go.  laugh.


8 Comments to “swagger wagon”

  1. Love it! When I had to trade in my 2dr honda accord coop I looked at a minivan. I loved the space it offered and how easy it was for kids to get in on their own! Awesome! Then I did the backwards perspective like your pics and realized I only had ONE kid and it was way too much space! Congrats on the new ride and better yet congrats on thinking with your head and not worrying about the jones…they are crazy!

  2. And I totally love the pic with the doll belted in!

  3. That video ROCKS! Prepare yourself for a boy…they like to pee anywhere…A’s fav spot is one of my tires! We drove to Hatteras which is only 90 miles away and I swear he had go every 20 miles…just cause he could!

  4. 🙂 love you! and all your new space…even if it is in your car…err….van. 🙂

  5. That’s great that you have more space now! Love the video link too – thank you for that! It was hysterical! 🙂

  6. YAY!! Van PICS…I have been dying to see it!!

  7. ya! way to rock the van!

  8. TOO FUNNY_ You should post that video to FB- It is HILARIOUS!

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