day one

so…it’s day one of our party of five.  not a “normal” day because (thank goodness) ryan is home today and tomorrow.  maitland had his 2-week check-up this morning.  i took harper with me.  ryan had some errands to run, so he took layne with him.  i was SO glad i had him to help out because we had to wait an hour for the doctor and layne would NOT have been fun during that hour.  after the dr’s office, we went to wal-mart.  the trip itself was pretty uneventful, but once we got home, i realized exactly how strategic i’m going to have to be about errands.  because we have to park so far away from our building, and i can’t lift the double-stroller yet (probably a week or 10 days to go on that), there is no way i can go to the store unless i leave everything in the car.  i had to call ryan for help (he brought down the stroller) because i had all the wal-mart bags, the baby, and a ton of taco bell stuff to carry.  luckily harper can walk.  🙂  everyone except me is napping right now and then i think ryan’s plan is to take the girls to the pool (we have to EXHAUST harper if she naps so that she’s not up until 10:00).

baby is still doing well at night, but i’m up at least twice with him, and we didn’t get to bed last night until after 11:00 (we watched “up in the air”…i really liked it).  so, i think i’m going to take a little snooze myself.  L8TR.

ps…we got a new vehicle.  it’s bigger.  it’s newer.  hoping to do a post in honor of it soon.


2 Comments to “day one”

  1. oooo what kinda car? i wanna see!!! please tell me your not a mini van mom? haha xoxo

  2. welcome to the minivan club. We havent been in it since high school but it’s good to be back in! Do the doors on your van open on their own? That feature makes my life so easy!! love you

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