since i’ve had so much peace and quiet and rest this week, i’ve been thinking alot about what a huge transition it is to have a baby.  going from the end of pregnancy to being mommy to a new baby entails a great deal of change…some good, some bad, some just plain wierd.

goodbye beach ball belly, hello feet

goodbye looking “cute” in anything you wear (thanks to that rock hard beach ball belly), hello spare tire

goodbye anxiety and anticipation, hello excitement and enjoyment

goodbye “i’ve got this routine down”, hello “this is harder than i thought it would be” [i haven’t experience this yet since the kids are still gone, but i know better than to think it’ll be any different.]

goodbye normal breasts, hello deceivingly large leaky baby-feeders

goodbye having to pee every 10 minutes, hello normal-functioning bladder

goodbye steadily gaining 35 pounds for 8 months, hello to hopefully losing it in the same time span

hello to a husband who is i-forgot-how-sweet to his babies

goodbye vericose veins and swollen feet, hello strange hormonal body odor

goodbye eating for two, hello extra 1000 calories a day  [luckily nursing is a great excuse to continue eating like a soldier].

goodbye solid night’s sleep, hello 3 hour naps

goodbye to having no clue of how to change a boy’s diaper, hello sprinkler [and, for the record, i think a boy’s “area” is SO much easier to clean than a girl’s]

goodbye to thinking my girls would care less about a little brother, hello exploding heart when i saw them excited about him

goodbye week of rest on the couch with one EASY kid, hello family of five (starting on sunday)!!!


6 Comments to “transition”

  1. Katie, What a great reminder of what a change we go through! I would love to hear your thoughts as he gets older of if number 3 is easier or harder than number 2. I felt like #2 was way harder than #1.

  2. Katie,
    I totally agree about baby boys. Whoever said girls are easier to clean up? Boys have so many less….creases. 🙂


  3. Well said Katie- so nice you got a break with just your baby for a bit- the transition of the family to include one tiny little baby makes for some very large changes. Praying for fast healing for you- (I have never had a c section and imagine it’s quite a recovery)I had to add one thing to your post….

    “goodbye anxiety and anticipation, hello excitement and enjoyment” AND last but certainly NOT least- EXHAUSTIION- LOL

  4. Here we go friend! Let the fun begin! 🙂

  5. i still have anxiety thinking about those 3 hr naps! love the pic, layne- she is just too cute! harper holding maitland- whoa, SO sweet!

  6. You are such a creative writer, I love this post and I love that picture!!

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