sing it, don henley.

take it eeeeeeasy, take it eeeeeasy

and i am.

the past three days have consisted of me sitting on the couch.

i get up for 3 reasons: to pee (or shower), to get food or drink from the kitchen, to change maitland’s diaper (all the stuff is in our bedroom).  i’ve been eating here, napping here, answering phonecalls and texts here, watching tv (never watched so much OnDemand), and using the fabulous laptop (ryan’s timing on the purchase couldn’t have been any sweeter).

i am missing the girls, but the time alone with baby has been oh so nice.  the post-cesearean pain this time around has been pretty bad…i think i overdid it a little when i got home from the hospital.  monday night i started to think that something was wrong…felt like i’d torn something or ripped out a stitch or something.  so, we went to the OB office yesterday.  he said everything was fine and offered me a steroid shot for the pain.  i got the shot and it helped alot.  my plan for the rest of the week is still to park my butt on the couch all day.  i’m hoping to be feeling pretty good by the time the girls come back on sunday.

a few of the things i’d like to accomplish while i’m parked:

finish thank you notes

mother’s day cards

make/mail CD for hadleigh 6 month session (i’d like to blog it also, but my logo file is still on the old CPU, so we’ll see)

edit adley 6 month session

chanda e-mail update

read the 2nd half of my Real Simple magazine

get rid of this headache

order leapfrog tag books for harper


One Comment to “sing it, don henley.”

  1. keep takin’ it easy…we’re doing great!

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