and baby makes FIVE!

[wrote this yesterday and forgot to post it.  oops.]

Maitland Buerke Hobbie is a week old today.  he was born last monday, april 26th at 12:54 in the afternoon.  he weighed 7 lbs 8 oz and was 19 inches long…our fattest and shortest baby.  he scored almost perfectly on his apgar test…a 9.9, i believe.  ryan said that the nurse said she wanted to give him a perfect 10, but the doctor wouldn’t do it…no such thing as a perfect newborn, i guess.  🙂  we are so grateful to God for such an incredible blessing and another amazing experience.  that 3 minutes of listening to his first healthy cries was easily one of the best 3 minutes of my life.  there is no higher happiness than the simple understanding that the baby is alive and well and here for us to meet and hold and kiss and stare at as much as we want.

“brother”, as we’ve been calling him, was born via c-section, and as i sit typing this post, i am still very sore…moreso than i’m supposed to be, i think.  i’m going to the OB’s office tomorrow to get them to have a look at my incision site.  one end is causing me a great deal of pain.  my parents have the girls for the week so i’m looking forward to the week to be able to rest and get maitland on sort-of a schedule.  our new laptop couldn’t have come at a better time (thanks, honey!!!).  seeing as i’ve had plenty of time to post, i have no idea why i’m just getting to it.  i guess i feel like it has to be some briliant literary work or something and i just haven’t felt up to delivering anything of the sort.  🙂  but, here goes…a synopsis, i guess:

this c-section, my third, was scheduled.  my body apparently has no clue what it’s supposed to do to deliver a baby…a medical term called “failure to progress”.  it was because of my retarded body’s lack of knowledge that i had to deliver my daughters through a hole in my abdomen instead of my…um…vagina.  not at all my choice, but my babies have all been extremely healthy and i’ve followed close behind them after a few weeks of healing, so it’s hard for me to complain.  when we had layne, i was trying to deliver via VBAC (vaginal birth after cesearean).  i went into labor in the middle of the night and immediately started rejoicing at the fact that the Lord was granting me my desire of a vaginal birth.  when that didn’t happen (retarded cervix!), i was heartbroken and mad at God.  i was literally shaking sobbing while they gave me the spinal shot that numbed me for the surgery. 

needless to say, when planning for this baby’s big entrance, i didn’t want to go through that heartbreak or pointless labor pain again.  so, we scheduled this one.  turned out to be a great decision.  maitland’s birth was a great experience. from the drive to the hospital (at the speed limit, in the daylight) to spending the last night in the hospital alone (told ryan he HAD to go home to get a good night’s sleep and then the night  nurse – apparently an angel from heaven – kept the baby for me for FIVE hours straight so i could sleep) , this experience was totally different.

i do not fare well when given narcotics.  i get dizzy, puke, and just feel really REALLY tired.  i had this experience after i had Layne, so this time i was prepared and wasn’t nearly as freaked out by it…plus, 4 of the 5 times i puked, my abdomen was still numb so it didn’t hurt.  i think i was actually even pleasant to be around…when my slurred words could be understood..haha.  my nurses were awesome.  the food tasted great (seriously) when i FINALLY got to eat on tuesday.  my only real disappointment was that i really got to spend no time with the baby the day he was born.  i was too dizzy really to even sit up far enough to nurse him.  however, like i said before, this was the best birth experience by far.  hopefully our experience with this little man will continue to be so pleasant.

he’s been a pretty easy newborn so far…sleeps most of the day (typical), nurses every 2-3 hours (typical), needs a diaper change like every 20 minutes (not really, but i’d forgotten how often they need a new diaper), and he goes right back to sleep after eating and a diaper change in the middle of the night (greatly appreciated).

my plan in the coming months is to focus solely on my kids, my husband, and my home.  i’m hoping to have some time to post often on this blog (although the past week hasn’t been a good indicator), but again, BLESSED is not my priority.  so, hope to see you again soon…with continued good reports about our sweet new son.


6 Comments to “and baby makes FIVE!”

  1. He’s so sweet. Love this picture and all the polka dots. So grateful I was able to meet all of your sweet little ones when they were just mere hours old. Love you!

  2. love that sleeping baby! SO SWEET!

  3. he’s really so precious, katie! congratulations, and i love reading your posts so keep them up. and thanks for always updating us on fb, b/c otherwise i’d never look! i hope your soreness flees quickly and that even though you miss harper and layne, that this week seems like it’s a good long break.

  4. he’s just great. i love it. and your story cracked me up.

  5. rest well….we’re having a ball with the girls!

  6. that was me….!

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