happy new year!

so, it’s 11:15 and i should really be in bed or unpacking the suitcase, but i really didn’t want the first day of the year to go by without sitting down to do a post.  i continue to look at blogging as a journal and well, a web LOG of my life, so i want to make it a priority.  first, i’ll answer my handy questionnaire to fill in a few of the gaps of what we did on our 10 days away.  then, a few pictures to honor the fun that was had.

  • something i accomplished [while we were gone]:  not a whole lot, thankfully.  if spending time with family is an acoomplishment, than i did well.  i did some laundry, dishes, and cooking, but it never feels like work when i’m not at home.
  • something i screwed up [while we were gone]:  i got a text from a client that the CD she’d gotten from me was blank.  OOPS.
  • something fun i did with the kids [while we were gone]:  we did get out quite a bit, but i think the most fun i had with them was just hanging out at the house[s], playing with new toys, and horsing around.
  • something funny or cute one of my kids did or said [while we were gone]:  my favorite thing from this Christmas was how genuinely harper showed thankfulness for her gifts.  she said several times on different days, very sincerely, how much she loved all her new presents…and it seemed like she really understood that they were GIFTS, not things that she deserved.
  • something yummy i ate [while we were gone]:   to name just a few: 2 great steaks, oreo peppermint pie, crumb coffee cake, sweet potato casserole, rutabaga, black-eyed peas, my mom’s spaghetti (reheated, but still DELICIOUS), roasted marshmallows, ETC… 
  • something i read [while we were gone]:  my sweet sis-in-law gave us several books, but i ended up starting A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, which is actually one she’d bought for herself but has already read several times.  i started it today in the car and i really love it so far.  i’m trying to set a goal for myself to be in bed by 9:00 every night to read for awhile….stuck to it last year for several months…hopefully this year it’ll be at least until baby boy is born.
  • a tv show or movie i watched [while we were gone]:   just watched “Funny People” with ryan on the couch…that’s why this post is so late, but it was worth it for once…actually a pretty good movie.
  • something i did [while we were gone] that i hardly ever do:  bought a pair of skinny jeans.  i’ve actually never done this before, but i was at goodwill and they fit so i went for it.  they’re not maternity jeans and i never sat down in them when i tried them on, so we’ll see if i actually wear them at all this winter…
  • something i did [while we were gone] that i do every day:  thank the Lord for my family
  • something i am thankful for right now:  so very thankful for such a long break from reality…and to be able to spend it with such amazing fun people made it even better.  i am so so blessed.
  • now for a few pictures…first of 3 Christmases for the kids was at our house…just our little family and a few gifts, but the girls loved it.

    ryan took this in orlando when we went to look at a light display.  i just love it.

    same night…we did get several shots where all of us were looking, but i thought this one was a little more…uh…honest.  🙂  please pardon the fact that i look like i’m homeless.  i was very comfortable and warm.

    Christmas tree bow courtesy of amy at Two Florida Girls…

    two shots from New Year’s Eve.  it was good practice for VERY low light…most of my shots turned out blurry, but these two weren’t and they were my favorite…

    i posted this one on my photo blog as well, but i love it so much i thought i would put it here too.  my sweet nephew justin was VERY excited about the fireworks.  he jumps when he’s excited.


    6 Comments to “happy new year!”

    1. That last picture is great. Love how he is truly excited. I can relate…I do the same thing with fireworks!

    2. How much am I loving that sweet bow in Harper’s hair?! Looks like you all had a great holiday! So happy for you! (PS-love that picture of Justin…when did he get so big?!) 🙂

    3. Love all the pics and esspecially the one my little drama king. I love how you always capture my kids true persona in a simple pic. Had so much fun with everyone. I’m glad to know that you all made it home safe. We are leaving in just a few minutes…..back to reality!

    4. Sounds like you had a great time! Love these pics! I too LOVE that pic Ryan took of layne and that family is pic is so hilarious!

    5. Having the Hobbie family at home in Tallahassee with ALL the rest of us, for a week made for one of the best Christmas’s ever. We are so blessed that our family can spend close time together and actually enjoy it.

      Happy New Year . God does have a plan to use your hardships, it may not be your plan but it will be for your best.

    6. Love the pic of Harper and George!!

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