i’m sitting in an empty living room with a fire in the fireplace 10 feet away and an pair of little feet running by.  it’s been awhile since i blogged.  i hate that.  as always, one of my resolutions for the new year is to blog more often…i’m considering merging my photography and personal blogs into one…if that’s the case, then i’m certain i’ll have a new post up several times a week.

we leave today for tallahassee….my parents’ house for 4 days…full of cousins/grandparents for the kids and siblings/parents for me.  i am unbelievably blessed to feel sad to leave here but excited to go…loving FUN family everywhere.  🙂  i’ve been very reflective this christmas…moreso than other years.  i’m questioning alot…actually have been kind of a scrooge.  right now i find myself really resenting the gift-giving part of christmas.  i really do enjoy everything else, but i guess i just don’t see the point of the whole gifts thing.  the past few months i’ve been asking myself “why” alot…why am i doing this, why do i believe this, why am i saying “no” to my kids?  hoping that this next week will continue to bring some clarity and refreshment to my mind…i really love New Year’s for that reason…it’s a literal fresh start (not that we dont’ get that every day through a relationship with Christ, but i just like a new page on the calendar).

i’m totally rambling, but just to say that i have all good intentions to continue this blog and the documentation of my life and the life of my family and business.

it probably just won’t happen this week (due to the aforementioned week of fun and family).

[by the way, if you’re reading this (you haven’t abanadoned me), i love you for it.]


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  1. i will never abandon you (or your blog). 🙂

  2. Love you too Katie! Gifts can totally take away the meaning of the season. But listen, Scrooge, no “Bah Humbugs”, remember that fresh start!!! Miss ya!

  3. I haven’t abandoned you! I glad you are having a good time away 🙂

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