something better soon, i promise.

  • something i accomplished today:  EARLY this morning (around 12:30 a.m.) i finished a verse painting i did for my girlfriend’s daughter’s nursery.  i’ll post a picture of it on my other blog sometime soon.
  • something i screwed up today:  completely burnt a bagel in the toaster oven
  • something fun i did with the kids:  we went to michael’s today, which is fun for me.  you’ll have to ask the kids if it was fun for them.
  • something funny or cute one of my kids did or said:  today was “one of those days” with the kids.  i didn’t get alot of sleep last night, so i was grouchy all day, which didn’t help.  however, while we were at CFA for dinner tonight, they had a FREE bounce house in the parking lot.  harper was in heaven running around like crazy with a giant smile on her face and sweat on her brow.  it always makes me happy to see my kid happy.
  • something yummy i ate today:   chick-fil-a sandwich dipped in chick-fil-a sauce
  • something i read today:  just read some reviews on that movie “precious”…i am seriously slacking on my Bible study…i’m like 2 days behind.
  • a tv show or movie i watched today:   season finale of project runway on dvr.  i wanted carol hannah to win, but i did think that irina’s collection was the best “collection”.
  • something i did today that i hardly ever do:  went to panera for lunch.  annoying because the kids were with me, but that doesn’t change the taste of the soup.
  • something i did today that i do every day:  put lotion on
  • something i am thankful for right now:  honestly, i’m thankful that my sweet husband has been sleeping on a pad on the floor.  our bed is so small and since he’s moved to the floor we’ve both been sleeping SO much better.  hopefully a new king-size bed will accompany our new house (wherever and whenever that may be).  i actually look forward to going to bed now, which wasn’t always the case before.
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    3 Comments to “something better soon, i promise.”

    1. looking forward to seeing the painting!

    2. i was wondering how you two have been sleeping in a double for so long! haha We sleep in a double when we go visit Mike’s parents and we’re always SO ready for our King when we come home! 🙂

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