“sunny days, sweepin’ the clouds away…”

sesame street turns 40 today.  i have said numerous times that i will be heartbroken when it goes off the air.  it is one of the very few tv shows/group of characters that several generations have strongly in common.  it is a big part of my preschool memories and it warms my heart to see it becoming the same for my daughters.  the writers/actors for this show somehow possess the rare ability to transcend time, musical styles, art, and culture, and they still are able to effectively TEACH simple reading, counting, and life concepts.  they still show old skits and shorts within new episodes and i love that…they show things that i remember seeing when i was 4 years old.  if i had to pick one show for my kids to watch every day, this would be it.  happy birthday, sesame street!

who is your favorite sesame street character, and why?  mine is a tie between grover and cookie monster.  i love the way grover talks and that he loves to travel.  i love that cookie monster loves to eat (mostly cookies), but that he is also very sweet whenever there are kids around.


2 Comments to ““sunny days, sweepin’ the clouds away…””

  1. Elmo! He’s so sweet and Owen loves him. I’m sure before I had kids he annoyed me to death, but I appreciate his character so much now.

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