top ten tuesday

oh yeah! you know you missed it.  🙂  i think my top tens have been dead for about a year now…that’s long enough.

top ten reason why i love coming to visit my parents in tallahassee (in no particular order):

  1. seeing my parents’ handwriting all over the house (i know this is wierd, but i just like seeing it on grocery lists and post-it notes and what-not)
  2. mom makes fruit jello waaay better than i do.
  3. my kids think this place is a theme park
  4. love that i still know where everything is (batteries and a screwdriver, for example)
  5. the “hidden” key (that everyone knows about)
  6. the dogs (big, hairy, loud, slobbery.  love them.)
  7. being here means that the car trip here is over (i barely made it).
  8. i’m 30 years old and this house still very much feels like home (mom & dad, please don’t ever move!)
  9. fridge/pantry/freezer is always full of yummy stuff (most of which is probably meant for my kids…but i don’t care)
  10. i always sleep GREAT

2 Comments to “top ten tuesday”

  1. yay top ten is back!!

  2. We LOVE having you visit, too. It is even better when you bring your husband and those cute little girls. Your Spirit is a blessing to our home.

    The top 10 was terrific … Next time try for 20. I love your “artsy” thought processes.

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