can’t see the forest for the trees

i was just about to log on and post about how my life is boring right now.  my house is a wreck.  last night my kids had a random dinner of buttered noodles (YUM!), peas, yogurt, and black olives.  one of our suitcases from last weekend still has folded clothes in it.  the other is empty and has been sitting in the floor of my closet since tuesday.  layne was really clingy today – er – lately.

i really don’t have anything exciting to blog about so i was just about to do a whiney post about all of the above.  i feel like every time that is the case, i take 5 minutes to read some random blogs i’ve never read before (through links on other strangers’ pages).  i just read 3 blogs that all had something to do with a child or baby dying.

i needed that.

i’m so so so blessed and i need to remember it…even when there are smashed black beans all over my floor or when i realize haven’t shaved my legs in a week.  THE LITTLE THINGS DON’T MATTER.


One Comment to “can’t see the forest for the trees”

  1. Your last paragraph is the classic difference in the perspective of a parent and a grandparent.

    We would ALL be better parents if we could be grandparents first.

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