just got back from my annual girls’ weekend, except this year it was a little different.  if you want to hear more about the weekend or more about “who we are”, read amy’s post.

it was alot of fun, but i have to say that i did miss the abundance of nothing-but-girls time.  i feel like i spent a little too much time distracted by my family (that sounds terrible, but i’m just being honest).  yes, it was fun to have my husband see/experience some of what he always hears about, and it was super fun to watch my girls play with shanel’s kids, but…i don’t really feel like i had a girls’ weekend at all, actually.  i’m very thankful that we did it, but just wish i could’ve had more time to veg out and just talk…we were a tad bit too busy.

one great thing about having so many people around is that it didn’t allow for a ridiculous amount of picture-taking (if you know me, you know having my picture taken isn’t one of my favorite ways to spend time).  however, here are a few of my favorites (at the end of the weekend, we all upload our photos to one computer and make CD’s so we can take them home).


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